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Video: QFest 2012 Teaser
Mon, July 9, 2012
Come follow as we cover all the films, parties and stars of the 2012 QFest LGBT Film Festival of Philadelphia
Video: QFest 2012 Opening Night
Sat, July 14, 2012
The 18th Annual QFest kicked off with an amazing night of films, music, parties, celebrities and more. Check it out and follow all the videos at
Video: QFest 2012 Amber Rose
Mon, July 16, 2012
Amber Rose stopped by QFest 2012 so we sat down to talk to her about her life in South Philly, and her career as well as her endorsement of Smirnoff
Video: QFest Dirty Poole
Tue, July 17, 2012
We talked with iconic porn director Wakefield Poole and filmmaker Jim Tushinski as they presented excerpts from Dirty Poole, a documentary on Poole's life and work.
Video: QFest 2012 Saltwater
Wed, July 18, 2012
A former career military man re-enters civilian life and soon discovers Mr. Right might be a lot closer than he thinks! We met up with the Cast and Crew to talk about the movie
Video: QFest 2012: The Men Next Door
Thu, July 19, 2012
Filmmaker Rob Williams returns to QFest to present the World Premiere screening of his newest film-A romantic comedy about a a man who is dating two men-and discovers that they are in fact father and son.
Video: QFest 2012: TRANS The Movie
Fri, July 20, 2012
In TRANS, a moving and exceptionally well-researched documentary, we meet a remarkable cast of characters from all walks of life who are wiling to tell their stories in the hope that they might one day be able to live ordinary lives.
Video: QFest 2012: Elliot Loves
Sun, July 15, 2012
From the creative mind of Terracino, comes this wildly entertaining NYC tale of wide-eyed Elliot, a gay young man seen both as an inquisitive 10-year-old boy with an intense releationship with his mother and as an idealitic, 21-year-old searching for love. We sat down with the cast and crew of this movie
Video: QFest 2012 Rising Star Award - David W. Ross
Mon, July 23, 2012
The multi-talented, model-handsome, openly gay David W. Ross stands in a unique position as an award recipient in the annals of QFest 2012 since the festival had to modify the category, establishing a new award name. Because of his early success as a 'teen-heartthrob' as a member of the popular British boy band, Bad Boys, Inc., his ride came at the ripe age of 17. His stardom ultimately afforded him the opportunity to move from London to Los Angeles and realize a dream come true. Landing the role of Gary in the Sundance 2006 award-winning breakout film, Quinceanero, about the gentrification of L.A.'s Echo Park and the coming of age of two teenagers, was a turning point for Ross who says that he was inspired to write his own film. He admits to teaching himself how to write from the book, "Screenwriting For Dummies," resulting in the semi-autobiographical, I Do, a family drama about the challenges of same-sex, bi-national couples victimized by marriage inequality and unfair immigration policies in modern day America. (He shared the fact that the making of I Do was both heartbreaking and bittersweet as he lost a lover to a harsh and insensitive bureaucratic system.) In addition to being the screenwriter, Ross stars in, and served as producer of, I Do alongside producer Stephen Israel and director Glenn Gaylord (Eating Out, All You Can Eat.).
Video: QFest 2012 - A Perfect Ending
Wed, July 25, 2012
It's hard to imagine that in 1992, when veteran director Nicole Conn's Claire of the Moon was released, there was not a significant market for lesbian films. Conn (whose film Elena Undone was QFest's 2010 Opening Night selections) is back again with her new sexy romance. In this bold story about the struggles for truth, love and happiness, we are introduced to Rebecca (Barbara Niven), an elegant, prim and punctilious mother to three grown children and wife of a wealthy husband she no longer shares a bed with. Rebecca has an unusual secret, which she's about to reveal to her lesbian best friends—she's never had an orgasm! Deciding that she needs a hand locating her G-Spot, her friends hook Rebecca up with Valentina (the iconic Morgan Fairchild) who manages a successful service business, catering to the sexual needs of its clients. While money can't buy her love, it can buy time. Her needs are attended to by a high-priced bisexual escort. Paris is a stunning sultry, tall brunette with come-to-bed brown eyes, played by out lesbian model and actress Jessica Clark. Initially wary of their age-differences, Rebecca discovers in Paris a passionate, lustful, intoxicating soul mate who offers respite from her home life. Neither of them could have predicted what develops. What starts as a cash transaction between two strangers ends up uniting two souls. Each needs to learn to love themself (and each other) in order to own her past and journey on. A strong supporting cast and astonishing performances by the films central leads will enthrall audiences. If ever there were a shrine to be built to honor the goddesses of lesbian cinema, it would surely include Nicole Conn who has dedicated her life to our stories and is already working on the script for her next production.
Video: QFest 2012 - I Stand Corrected
Thu, July 26, 2012
This award-winning true life story follows the meteoric rise and internal struggles of King of Prussia native, Jennifer (then John) Leitham, an exceptionally talented, left-handed, upright bassist and recording artist.
Video: QFest 2012 - BearCity 2
Mon, July 30, 2012
BearCity 2: The Proposal, the sequel to the award-winning breakout hit BearCity (2010) is a romp full of fur, fun and family as the bears realize that marriage is much more than just the freedom to say "I do." Kathy Najimy plays den mother to the returning cast of bears, boys and cubs, for a Bear Week bachelor party in Provincetown!
Video: QFest 2012 - Filmmakers
Tue, July 31, 2012
We sat down with the film makers from QFest 2012 and asked them - what advice they had for other film makers.
Video: QFest 2012 Closing Night
Wed, August 1, 2012
It was a long and exciting week, but QFest 2012 has come to a close. With the sexy cast of Bear City 2, we hit Sugar House Casino. We talked with the movie goers, the stars, watched the drag show and said goodbye to yet another amazing QFest
Video: QFest 2013 Opening Night
Mon, July 15, 2013
Qfest 2013 celebrates their 19th year and as always we were there to capture it all. We talked to the stars, interviewed the volunteers and cover the festival better then anyone else.
Video: QFest 2013 - G B F
Tue, July 16, 2013
We met up with the stars of G.B.F. - Xosha Roquemore and Taylor Frey - to talk about this sassy comedy about 3 teen queens fighting over a newly out gay boy to make him their newest accessory - their Gay Best Friend
Video: QFest 2013 - Truth
Wed, July 17, 2013
Interview with cast and crew of Truth - Sean Paul Lockhart and Rob Moretti
Video: QFest 2013 - The Happy Sad
Thu, July 18, 2013
We talked with the cast and crew of The Happy Sad - Rodney Evans, Cameron Scoggins, LeRoy McClain
Video: QFest 2013 - First Period
Fri, July 19, 2013
We met with the cast of First Period - Charlie Vaughn and Dudley Beene
Video: QFest 2013 - Jake Jaxson
Mon, July 22, 2013
CockyBoys filmmaker Jake Jaxson is a friend and former business partner of Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story of Eric Snowden and NSA surveillance for The Guardian. We asked Jake about recent attempts in the media to link him to the ongoing story
Video: QFest 2013 - Breaking Through
Tue, July 23, 2013
We spoke to the director of Breaking Through - Cindy L Abel about her documentary profiling out LGBT elected officials
Video: QFest 2013 - Birthday Cake
Wed, July 24, 2013
Interview with Chad Darnell - Actor, Writer, Director of Birthday Cake
Video: QFEST 2013 Five Dances
Thu, July 25, 2013
Five Dances - Alan Brown (Writer, Director), Ryan Steele (Actor)
Video: Interview with Former Governor of NJ - Jim McGreevey
Mon, July 29, 2013
We sat down with former Governor of NJ - Jim McGreevy
Video: QFest 2013 - The Rugby Player
Tue, July 30, 2013
We interviewed Alice Hoagland, the subject and mother of The Rugby player.
Video: QFest 2013 - Sexy & Cool
Wed, July 31, 2013
We interviewed the director of COOL/SEXY - Danielle Erwin and the rest of the cast
Video: QFest 2013 - I Am Divine & Chastity Bites
Thu, August 1, 2013
Interview with Producer Lotti Pharriss Knowles
Video: QFest 2013 - Hot Guys with Guns
Fri, July 5, 2013
We interviewed Doug Spearman (of Noah's Arc) who is the Writer and Director of Hot Guys with Guns
Video: QFest 2013 Closing Night
Mon, August 5, 2013
It was an amazing QFest 2013 and we ended the week with the Closing Party at Underground Arts. We asked everyone what their favorite movie was, watched some drag queens and some sexy boy dancers and more
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