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Lou Lets Us Inside...His Mind
posted by Chris Balbi on Dec 22 at 10:30am | comments

Recently Lou Cutler broke barriers and became the First Trans Man Crowned 'Mr. Gay Philadelphia.' and now he's letting us in on his back story and emotions! Let me tell you, His story is nothing short of AWESOME!

Ten Ways to Survive Your Office Party
posted by Chris Balbi on Dec 19 at 10:30am | comments

Every office has a holiday party. Often they are scarier then you want to admit. Blogger Chris offers 10 ways to survive drinking with the boss

4 Holiday Looks for Men!
posted by Christopher Bumbaca on Dec 15 at 10:30am | comments

The holiday season has begun, and for the next few weeks many of us have a hectic schedule. From attending the annual office party to the traditional holiday festivities with friends and family, we all need to put together outfits that will provide comfort and style.

Judy Gold at the Rrazz Room: 'If You Only Knew the Agony'
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Dec 11 at 10:30am | comments

Judy Gold is the proud mother of two children, and enjoys a loving same-sex relationship with her partner. She won two Emmy Awards for her work as writer and producer on The Rosie O'Donnell Show. In addition to being a glamorous woman-about-town, comedian, writer, producer, and actress, Judy Gold is also a daughter, and thereby hangs a tale.

Review of TOY 2014
posted by Chris Balbi on Dec 8 at 10:30am | comments

DVLF put together last nights TOY Fundraising event in the smartest way possible. They combined good will, great food, and shiny winter landscape to create a warm and perfect fundraising environment that housed one of the longest Silent Auction tables I had ever seen.

The Day I Learned to Blow
posted by Chris Balbi on Dec 5 at 10:30am | comments

I thought it was going to be just another lazy Sunday, lounging around Cafe 12 drinking a gingerbread latte and catching up on work, but then my calendar pinged and I was reminded that I had signed up for an adventure, not just an adventure, a Qventure.

Drag in the Holidays with the Kinsey Sicks
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Dec 4 at 10:30am | comments

The Kinsey Sicks have self-identified as 'America's Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet.' They will grace the stage of the Rrazz Room in New Hope from December 4 through 6.

Lesbian Couple Sues Over Black Baby: What This Shows Straight People About the Queer Community
posted by Sheena C. Howard on Dec 3 at 10:30am | comments

Last month a lesbian couple made headlines when they went to a Sperm Bank to become pregnant instead the bank erroneously gave them sperm from a Black donor, prompting a lawsuit for $50,000 in damages.

Protein and Fitness Performance
posted by Noe Espinosa on Dec 2 at 10:30am | comments

I am frequently asked how many grams of protein and what type of supplements should a person consume to build muscle?

posted by Chris Balbi on Dec 1 at 10:30am | comments

A new campaign is sprouting on Twitter / Instagram called #weareALLclean where users take shower selfies.....check it out!

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