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Lea DeLaria : Bridge Street Concert Series
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Sep 17 at 10:30am | comments

The Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pennsylvania, hosts an array of jazz greats, including Lea DeLaria, from September 18 through 21 during their Jazz Fest 2014.

Facebook Against Drag Queens? Think Again!
posted by Mimi Imfurst on Sep 16 at 10:30am | comments

Facebook recently started forcing Drag Queens to change their personal profile names from their stage names to the legal names. Members of the drag community and some of our allies are calling this "dragphobic" and an assault on the gay community. I'm going to go out on a limb here - and tell you I think drag queens causing a stir over this is, well stupid.

Review: Suspended
posted by Josh Ferris on Sep 10 at 10:30am | comments

I started out the 2014 FringeArts Festival by seeing dicks, abs, and acrobatics with Suspended by Brian Sanders' JUNK. Sound good, right? I love all three of these things, but melding the three into a single cogent performance may have been an impossible undertaking.

Review: Two Street: A Tale of Star Crossed Mummers
posted by Dan Bove on Sep 8 at 10:30am | comments

What a great night of Philadelphia gay theatre. I just saw Two Street: A Tale of Star Crossed Mummers as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Arts Festival. The show was held at the Church of the Crucifixion at 620 S.8th Street in Bella Vista, better known as the home of Luna Theater Company.

America's First Queer Jazz Festival
posted by Josh Ferris on Sep 4 at 10:30am | comments

On September 18-21 Philadelphia is hosting OutBeat: America's First Queer Jazz Festival. 'If it wasn't for hustlers, gangsters and gamblers, there'd be no jazz.'

Blonds, blonds, blonds! - Rex Smith and Adam Pascal at the Rrazz Room
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Sep 3 at 10:30am | comments

One could easily say that 'Blond met blond' this Labor Day weekend at the Rrazz Room in New Hope. Rex Smith appeared on Saturday, August 30, while Adam Pascal appeared on Sunday August 31. What is on the minds of these cuties, and why the battle of the blonds?

The Fall Season in Arts and Entertainment
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Sep 1 at 10:30am | comments

The new 2014-2015 season is now under way as far as subscribing is concerned. A few venues have already begun their seasons. Here is a rundown of some of our favorite venues.

Is Gay Media Insensitive to the Trans Experience?
posted by Christian Axavier Lovehall on Aug 27 at 10:30am | comments

A few days ago, I ran across an article about a trans teen ending his life. Immediately, the article put forth messages and language that was insensitive, unaffirming and contradictory.

What is Happening to the Gayborhood?
posted by Sheena C. Howard on Aug 25 at 10:30am | comments

Is the gayborhood disappearing?

Notorious OMG - Rudy Flesher
posted by Joshua Durando on Aug 8 at 10:30am | comments

The last couple of months have been marked by a series of 'lasts' for Notorious OMG - the artist, activist, philanthropist, and general renaissance (wo)man also known as Rudy Flesher.

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