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RuPaul's Drag Race 7.1
posted by Sashay & Chante on Mar 4 at 10:30am | comments

Welcome to Season 7 Drag Racers! Sashay & Chante could not be more happy to be back to guide you through another xtravaganza of drag realness.

Two Virgins in a Strip Club - Part 2
posted by Chris Balbi on Feb 25 at 10:30am | comments

So virgin stripper Bobby took me to the back room and casually stuffed the $20 I slipped him into his shoe for safe keeping.

Maureen McGovern brings 'Sing, My Sisters, Sing!' to New Hope
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Feb 24 at 10:30am | comments

Maureen McGovern is putting the final touches on her new show, 'Sing, My Sisters, Sing!' which celebrates women singer/songwriters. On a recent snowy morning, this star of musical theatre, performance, and cabaret talked about her new recordings, her tour, her cabaret appearances, and a whole lot more.

Two Virgins in a Strip Club
posted by Chris Balbi on Feb 23 at 10:30am | comments

Until last night I was a strip club virgin. Never set foot in either a female or male strip club. So after some research I knew I needed $1 for just the tip and $20 to go all the the back room.

Review: The Whale
posted by Ben Robinson III on Feb 19 at 10:30am | comments

Last week's Philadelphia premiere of Samuel D. Hunter's play The Whale at Theater Exile was packed with an eager crowd anticipating the show the Village Voice referred to as 'Vibrant and provocative'.

The Incredible Lascivious Jane
posted by Chris Balbi on Feb 18 at 10:30am | comments

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most honest and passionate performers I've ever encountered; Lascivious Jane.

Review: Faux Real Into The Woods
posted by Chris Balbi on Feb 16 at 10:30am | comments

If you missed the 'Into the Woods' craze, you're clearly living under the worlds largest rock

What To Wear: iCandy Stoplight Party
posted by David Alexander Jenkins on Feb 13 at 10:30am | comments

OK ok... so its time again for ICandy's Annual Valentine's Day Stoplight Party. You know, the one where you wear Red for taken, Yellow for open, and Green for single while you peruse the party floor for your perfect match?

'Hatred masquerading as justice,' is addressed in a new opera based upon the life of Oscar Wilde
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Feb 11 at 10:30am | comments

Opera Philadelphia is presenting the East Coast premiere of 'Oscar' at the Academy of Music. 'Based on quotations from the writings of Oscar Wilde and his contemporaries,' as the program notes, this new opera had its world premiere in Santa Fe in 2013.

Disney Faux Queen
posted by Chris Balbi on Feb 6 at 10:30am | comments

I had heard rumors of a 'Faux Queen' competition swirling around the 'hood for quite some time, but I always thought to myself, if I wanted to see over-painted women lip-syncing, I’ll just take a stroll down Market Street.

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