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Mary Wilson: 'I have become the woman I always wanted to be.'
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Oct 22 at 10:30am | comments

Mary Wilson was part of the musical phenomenon known as the Supremes. She has had a remarkable solo career spanning decades, with several recordings and appearances both here in this country and abroad. I had the opportunity to talk with her recently about her special feelings for her friends in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Interview with Nicholas Rodriquez
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Oct 16 at 10:30am | comments

Nicholas Rodriquez, a young actor who has played Jesus Christ, Tarzan, and a gay activist and lover on TV, will soon be starring as Sir Lancelot in the Two River Theater production of 'Camelot.' He recently spoke about his future role and the other things that matter to him.

Interview with Dwayne Dunlevy
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Oct 15 at 10:30am | comments

This New Hope resident will be presiding over multiple Thursdays this fall at New Hope’s Rrazz Room. He spoke about the shows, his career and what’s next – and current - on the horizon for him in and around New Hope.

The Out Philadelphia Athletic League is Created
posted by Matt O'Neill on Oct 14 at 10:30am | comments

With the newest fad to hit Philadelphia, many of this city’s LGBT community have taken up intramural sports. I had the privilege of sitting down with Jeffrey Sotland to discuss the newly developed Out Philadelphia Athletic League or, OPAL.

'9 to 5: the Musical' at the Walnut Street Theatre
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Oct 13 at 10:30am | comments

If you happen to be a reader of a certain age, you will remember Women's Liberation, the Equal Rights Amendment, and the impact made by Gloria Steinem and Ms. Magazine. It is this struggle from those turbulent times which comes to light in '9 to 5: the Musical,' now playing at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia until October 19.

Review: Bruno & Earlene Go To Vegas
posted by Ben Robinson III on Oct 7 at 10:30am | comments

The QFlix Film Festival recently graced Philadelphia film buffs with an offering of many different genre's of film. One of the dramas being showcased was the 2013 Simon Savory directed Bruno & Earlene Go To Vegas.

Jason Graae:Not Just Another Pretty Face
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Oct 2 at 10:30am | comments

Jason Graae and Faith Prince will be appearing October 4 at the Rrazz Room in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Their show, titled "The Prince and the Show-boy," will bring them together for a one-night only event.

Carbohydrates and Fitness Performance
posted by Noe Espinosa on Oct 1 at 10:30am | comments

Carbohydrates could be the one thing making you gain those unwanted pounds on your body and Carbohydrates have been given a bad reputation and are blamed for "sabotaging" people's diets!

America's First Queer Jazz Festival
posted by Josh Ferris on Sep 30 at 10:30am | comments

I made it to the last event of OutBeat: America's First Queer Jazz Festival. The festival had already been up and running for a few days, but this was the final crescendo.

Marcus Goldhaber talks about "A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening"
posted by Ralph Malachowski on Sep 23 at 10:30am | comments

The singer, actor, and composer will be appearing twice in less than a month here in Bucks County. Both performances will feature material from his new recording, which also happens to be the title of his shows here: "A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening."

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