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Fox Discovers New Talent with 'Star'

posted by Chris Lombardi on Mar 13 at 10:30am

Fox's Empire broke new ground for the network and infused the world of hip-hop with soap-opera that was not only a celebration for the world of music, but also exemplified another piece of culture for the network as the channel to turn to if you love a good EARGASM.

Best in Music 2016: Top 25 Albums of the Year

posted by Chris Lombardi on Feb 7 at 10:30am

I spent countless hours listening to all of my favorite albums of 2016, over the course of the last couple weeks. You saw in last week's post, "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly", who didn't make the cut...

Madonna's 'Rebel Heart Tour' Comes to Showtime

posted by Chris Lombardi on Jan 5 at 10:30am

Now streaming on Showtime On-Demand: Madonna, Queen of Pop, brings her REBEL HEART Tour for fans to either relive, or experience for the first time.

Tove Lo is a Naughty Pop Star on the Rebound With a Major Case of #LADYWOOD

posted by Chris Lombardi on Dec 2 at 10:30am

Swedish pop star Tove Lo was smart about the orchestration of launching a follow-up album. After her infectious sleeper breakout hit, 'Habits (Stay High)', and debut album, Queen of the Clouds, debuted in 2014, the rise to international success grew rapidly.

REVIEW: Lady Gaga's 'Joanne' is A Step in the Right Direction

posted by Chris Lombardi on Nov 8 at 10:30am

I've said it before, but let me remind you - Gaga is the new Madonna in regard to pop superstardom and the magnitude in which fans idolize their icon

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