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Stones in His Pockets at the McCarter

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Feb 5 at 10:30am

Stones in His Pockets, a play by Marie Jones, directed by Lindsay Posner, is now at the Berlind Theatre at the McCarter Theatre Center until February 11.

RuPaul's All Stars: S3E2 A Tale of Redempshunt

posted by Juan DeSilva on Feb 2 at 10:30am

Hey now. It's All Stars. Get your fame on. Let's play. I just watched episode two with my corgis Kremy Ma, Uniqla, Minerva, and Shan't, and we have a few thoughts. But we're gonna keep it cute. Like Meemaw Ru, we do sassy but we don't do bitchy. But also we also aren't sure of the difference. Ochre?

Luca Guadagnino's Call Me by Your Name

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Feb 1 at 10:30am

Call Me by Your Name is one of those films that will take you unaware. Perhaps it's due to it being (somewhat incorrectly) labelled as a gay love story, and a complicated one at that, since it does involve a minor and an adult in a same sex relationship.

Ibsen's cautionary tale of society's winners and losers

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Jan 25 at 10:30am

The Arden Theatre Company is presenting a version of the Ibsen play by Simon Stephens at their intimate Arcadia Stage until March 4.

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Dec 19 at 10:30am

A Christmas Carol is a holiday tradition for many over the years, bringing much joy to those who see it. Try to see it this year. It may be the start of a holiday tradition for you, too.

The Color Purple

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Dec 15 at 10:30am

The celebrated Menier Chocolate Factory production of The Color Purple, the Musical is now at the Forrest Theatre. Based upon the novel by Alice Walker, The Color Purple, the Musical, has a book by famed playwright Marsha Norman, with music and lyrics by three famous musicians, Brenda Russell, Alee Willis, and Stephen Bray. John Doyle designed the set, musical staging, and directed this production.

Look Like Yourself: Rien

posted by Look Like Yourself Project on Dec 12 at 10:30am

I've always been a tomboy. From elementary school on, any time I picked my own clothes they were always oversized and typically from the boys department. At some point during college I realized my attraction to women and identified as a lesbian until recently. The label never quite felt right, but I couldn't put my finger on why that was. Denial was easier than working through it. I did not have many resources and wasn't comfortable discussing my dysphoria. As I entered adulthood, I began to present myself in a very androgynous way. This helped ease the dysphoria a bit, but only temporarily.

Holiday fabulousness is named Annie!

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Dec 8 at 10:30am

Stray dog, dog catcher, apple seller, FDR, orphans, Judge Louis Brandeis and Sandy. It must be the classic Broadway musical Annie now at the Paper Mill Playhouse

Look Like Yourself: Ollie

posted by Look Like Yourself Project on Dec 5 at 10:30am

I think it was 5 or so, and knowing I wasn't a 'girl' in the way that the other girls in kindergarten were. I didn't know what the alternative was though, so I just went along with it. I think it probably wasn't until middle school that I was even introduced to the possibility of trans and non-binary identities, but I didn't openly identify as nb until sophomore year of college.

Phantom, Paul Taylor, and Janis: The Arts provide reasons to give thanks

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Nov 30 at 10:30am

There is no better time to give thanks for all that technicians, stagehands, producers, actors, dancers, singers and musicians do for us. The Arts, at their best, provide us with the means to feel and know in a totally different way, and to realize that we are neither powerless nor dumb, and that we have the potential to be great. Find love and joy in the Arts since the Arts bring out the finest qualities within each of us. This holiday season share your joy with your loved ones by taking them to a show, concert, or performance, or by buying them tickets of their own.

Look Like Yourself: Jackson

posted by Look Like Yourself Project on Nov 28 at 10:30am

I first realized it when I was around 10 or 11, I definitely looked like a little boy in my basketball shorts with these braids. One of the guys working at a store called me a boy and I didn't correct him. It sounded right when he said it. It felt right.

AaRrrGhh! Johnnie Depp, there's another pirate captain in town in Finding Neverland

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Nov 26 at 10:30am

Ralph Malachowski reviews Finding Neverland at the Academy of Music

The Importance of Being Earnest

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Nov 25 at 10:30am

Oscar Wilde, notorious bisexual, playwright, poet, novelist, and genius had a short but illustrious career during the last decade of the nineteenth century. Celebrated actor Michael Cumpsty leads a young and sprightly cast through this amazing comedy.

Look Like Yourself: Robyn

posted by Look Like Yourself Project on Nov 21 at 10:30am

It was around 4 or 5 I didn't really fit into my gender and being that I lived mainly with my nieces and aunt's I never truly had male leadership in my life. By the age of 13-14 I began crossdressing and displaying female tendencies. By age 16-18 I began seeking hormonal treatment.

Look Like Yourself: Shayne

posted by Look Like Yourself Project on Nov 13 at 10:30am

I would say i started realizing i didn't relate to my birth in my early teens. I never wore the typical girl clothes or played with the usual girl toys.

The AmazIng Kreskin at The Rrazz Room

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Oct 25 at 10:30am

The Amazing Kreskin appeared at The Rrazz Room in New Hope Saturday, October 14. Those of us who are of a certain age recall Kreskin from his many television appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and many other talk shows of the era, where he would do, well, amazing things.

Men in high heels and nylon stockings living only for pleasure

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Oct 23 at 10:30am

Men in red satin corsets, bustiers, high heels and nylon stockings, living only for pleasure ... The average lives of men living in the mansions of Solebury, PA, you say? Not this time. We are speaking of the snappy reinvention of The Rocky Horror Show

A Musical Theatre Classic Which is as Relevant as Today's News

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Oct 20 at 10:30am

The American musical theatre classic Cabaret is now at the Arden Theatre. The story was first written by Christopher Isherwood, which was turned into a play by John van Druten, which later became a musical with book by Joe Masterhoff, music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb.

A really funny thing is happening now at the Walnut Street Theatre

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Oct 2 at 10:30am

Stephen Sondheim's, Burt Shevelove's and Larry Gelbart's classic musical, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is now at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia until October 22.

Rock and Roll Man now at the Bucks County Playhouse

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Sep 27 at 10:30am

A world premiere musical is now at the Bucks County Playhouse until October 1st. Rock and Roll Man is a great new musical which tells the compelling story of Alan Freed, the DJ who became famous for playing 'Race Music,' eventually coining the term 'Rock and Roll.' It is a great evening of rock and roll.

'A Magical Storybook' production of The Magic Flute

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Sep 25 at 10:30am

Mozart's opera The Magic Flute is being presented by Opera Philadelphia now until September 24 at Philadelphia's Academy of Music. Opera Philadelphia's festival, named O17, is an intense, immersive experience of five new opera productions and related programs which began September 14 and ends September 25. As their advertising states, 'For 12 days, our city is a stage.'

Opera Philadelphia's Elizabeth Cree: a tale of sadism, lesbianism, and alcoholism

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Sep 22 at 10:30am

They based their opera on the novel, The Trial of Elizabeth Cree, by Peter Ackroyd. Elizabeth Cree, a co-production with Chicago Opera Theater, is an Opera Philadelphia O17 Festival production.

A Long Days Journey Into Black America: A Raisin in the Sun

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Sep 21 at 10:30am

What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up/ like a raisin in the sun?

The play Red Velvet explores race, class, egotism, and art

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Sep 20 at 10:30am

From now until October 8, the Lantern Theater Company is presenting the Philadelphia premiere of Lolita Chakrabarti’s drama, Red Velvet.


posted by Chris Balbi on Sep 18 at 10:30am

If you're looking for a show that will make you feel something... HOME is for you!

'Glister' has grown up and is GLOWING

posted by Chris Balbi on Sep 15 at 10:30am

It's been just roughly 6 months since I saw Glister last and boy has it grown!

The American Premiere of 'Aunty Ben'

posted by Chris Balbi on Sep 13 at 10:30am

Looking to be the best G-uncle or Parent for your tiny tot? Take your family to see Aunty Ben this weekend!

Kink Haus is my New Sexual Orientation

posted by Chris Balbi on Sep 11 at 10:30am

It's that time of year again, where I get to spend 3-4 paragraphs gushing about Gunnar Montana's latest piece of performance art.

Become part of a global health movement - 38 cities, 21 countries, 1 race

posted by Robert Nonemacker on Sep 6 at 10:30am

Global Energy Race is a 10K and 5K race that aims to get people moving ... in 38 cities, 21 countries, on one day.

Paradise Lost: Other Desert Cities at Bucks County Playhouse

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Aug 24 at 10:30am

Many plays have been set during the holidays. Often, holidays are when families and loved ones gather to enjoy each other's company and to celebrate their bonds. This isn't always the case. One such play which explores the darker side of family relations is Jon Robin Baitz's drama, Other Desert Cities, now at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope until September 2.

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