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Local Trainers Help You Stay On Track

posted by Steve McCann on Jan 23 at 10:30am

We went out and talked to a few local gay trainers to ask them how to get on the right track....and how to stay on it!

New Year New Healthy Skin

posted by Bryan G. on Jan 16 at 10:30am

While I’m skin care junkie and I love to try tons on products. I have found four great products and easy steps that you need to keep or get your skin looking right for the New Year.

Lake Homo High

posted by Alejandro Morales on Jan 12 at 10:30am

Everyone is (secretly) gay in Lake Homo High, a popular serialized sketch comedy show out of NYC that's coming to Philadelphia's Good Good Comedy Theatre for one show on Saturday night.

Acrobats, Cables, and Aerial Straps, Oh, My!

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Jan 10 at 10:30am

Cirque Eloize is bringing its newest production, Saloon, to the Merriam Theatre for a limited run as part of Broadway at the Kimmel.

Madonna's 'Rebel Heart Tour' Comes to Showtime

posted by Chris Lombardi on Jan 5 at 10:30am

Now streaming on Showtime On-Demand: Madonna, Queen of Pop, brings her REBEL HEART Tour for fans to either relive, or experience for the first time.

Insider's View of Philadelphia's Mamma Mia

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Dec 21 at 10:30am

Calling all 'Dancing Queens'! The Broadway musical Mamma Mia is headed for Philadelphia, and it's coming to the Merriam Theatre December 27th through the 31st. Andrew Tebo, who plays Harry Bright in the show, talked a bit about the musical, his role in it, and his life in the performing arts and as a gay man.

IBA Holiday Party - Mixing Cheer & Business

posted by Robert Nonemacker on Dec 19 at 10:30am

Holiday Party reaches recorded attendance

Tove Lo is a Naughty Pop Star on the Rebound With a Major Case of #LADYWOOD

posted by Chris Lombardi on Dec 2 at 10:30am

Swedish pop star Tove Lo was smart about the orchestration of launching a follow-up album. After her infectious sleeper breakout hit, 'Habits (Stay High)', and debut album, Queen of the Clouds, debuted in 2014, the rise to international success grew rapidly.

This is a CODE: RED

posted by Chris Balbi on Dec 1 at 10:30am

It's time for the most emotionally refueling evening of the year! Code: Red let's do this!

Tips and Tricks for a Festive Thanksgiving

posted by David Alexander Jenkins on Nov 23 at 10:30am

Undoubtedly this is also the time of the year where many of you will pack my inbox with your holiday etiquette, floral, and table setting, woes! Never fear ... Mr. Queer is here! ... with some simple helpful tips to keep this season a delight!

Buyer and Cellar: How Barbra 'Finally Found Someone'

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Nov 22 at 10:30am

Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams sang 'I Finally Found Someone' in 1996. The hit play by gay playwright Jonathan Tolins explores another man in Barbra's life, and that fictional story is fabulously told in Buyer and Cellar, now at the Bucks County Playhouse

Wizard of Oz on Walnut Street

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Nov 21 at 10:30am

You'll be singing 'Ding, Dong! The Witch is Dead!' at the Walnut Street Theatre

An American in Paris: What to Expect in Philadelphia

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Nov 17 at 10:30am

Colby Q. Lindeman has appeared on the cover of Next Magazine, and has worn only underwear for an advertising campaign in winter in Times Square, as well as being a dancer.

Brian Sanders Talks about His World Premiere, Chicken Bone Brain

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Nov 9 at 10:30am

Chicken Bone Brain is Sanders’ newest work commissioned by the Pennsylvania Ballet. Brian Sanders was easy going, yet intensely focused about his work, so it was a great opportunity for us to hear more about his world premiere, his own troupe, Brian Sanders’ Junk, and what we can look forward to this week and beyond.

REVIEW: Lady Gaga's 'Joanne' is A Step in the Right Direction

posted by Chris Lombardi on Nov 8 at 10:30am

I've said it before, but let me remind you - Gaga is the new Madonna in regard to pop superstardom and the magnitude in which fans idolize their icon

Beauty Ball: Turning Water into Wine Coolers!

posted by Mistor Fahrenheit on Nov 4 at 10:30am

The 7th annual Beauty Ball is this weekend and I got a chance to have a sit down with one of the current producers, Ryan Wyrofsky. We decided to have a little 'trial run' to get us ready for Saturday.

Review: King Cobra

posted by Chris Balbi on Nov 1 at 10:30am

I was excited for a gay thriller with the promise of some skin and sin. How could this movie not be awesome!?

Brian Sims Talks Local Politics

posted by Chris Balbi on Oct 31 at 10:30am

Interviewing Brian Sims is always a treat, especially because he can pack so much into 15 minutes! Brian Sims talks Yuengling, voting for people other than the presidential candidate, voting Third Party, and eating in Philly!

Ayad Akhtar's incendiary drama Disgraced at the McCarter

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Oct 28 at 10:30am

What happens when fatuous, self-involved and selfish people with way too much money drink too much then talk politics and religion

Talkin' About Geno's Meat

posted by Chris Balbi on Oct 24 at 10:30am

Yes, that Geno, the man who owns the cheese steak joint you tell your touristy out of town-ers to shoot to in south Philly! Did you know he's a gay man that donates a shit ton to local homos (and non-homos!).

Glitter and be Gay at the Arden Theatre

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Oct 21 at 10:30am

The Legend of Georgia McBride, a new musical by Matthew Lopez, is now at their Arcadian Stage in Philadelphia until November 27. Opening night was October 19, and it was an evening filled with joy and expectation. By the audience’s reaction, the actors mightily pleased their audience and brought them to their feet at the musical's conclusion.

Indigo Ball 2016

posted by Robert Nonemacker on Oct 19 at 10:30am

The William Way Community Center held its annual fundraiser, Indigo Ball. I am ashamed to admit but this was actually my first Indigo Ball so needless to say I was excited to see what it was all about.

Terror Behind the Walls w/ Eric Thomas

posted by Mistor Fahrenheit on Oct 17 at 10:30am

I took Eric Thomas to the scariest place in Philly - Eastern State Penitentiary's Terror Behind the Walls
Read more... - One People One Heart

posted by Steve McCann on Oct 12 at 10:30am

A Philadelphia based queer Latinx company shows us that we are one people - one heart.

Nilo Cruz Explores the Pressure Cooker of Catholicism in his New Play

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Oct 3 at 10:30am

Sensual pleasure copulating with rigid religious dogma is the driving force of Bathing in Moonlight, Nilo Cruz' new play at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ.

A Bold and Brash South Pacific Now at the Walnut Street Theatre

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Sep 27 at 10:30am

The Walnut Street Theatre opens its 208th season with Rogers and Hammerstein’s musical, South Pacific. By all accounts a great production and you have only until October 23 to see it.

Winners of the 2016 Philly Drag Awards

posted by Steve McCann on Sep 23 at 10:30am

It was a night of extravaganza! The 2016 Philly Drag Awards, the brain child of the infamous RuPaul's Drag Queen and Philly favorite, Mimi Imfurst, took center stage last night at Voyeur Nightclub

An Obviously Foggot: A play set in a bar.

posted by Chris Balbi on Sep 22 at 10:30am

I love theatre that makes good use of it's space... and An obviously Foggot does it so well!

Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession at the Lantern Theater

posted by Ralph Malachowski on Sep 21 at 10:30am

In this fine production directed by Kathryn MacMillan, there is no shortage of strong acting and strong characters. As the title character, theatre legend Mary Martello is Mrs. Warren. Winner of five Barrymore Awards, she did not disappoint her audience

Brian Sanders: Carried Away

posted by Chris Balbi on Sep 19 at 10:30am

I ended my weekend of Fringe with perhaps the heaviest of pieces.

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