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Calendar Model: Stacy

Stacy is a 26yo originally from Conshohocken, PA. Stacy has lived in Conshohocken, PA for All 26 of them living as close as you can to the greatest city in the US! and works as a Elementary School Teacher

Cindy Guessford

I love Scuba Diving... especially in warm waters, traveling to exotic regions, reading various types of books and of course playing football...all that hitting, running and sweating can sure make it fun!

Favorite Music:
I love the top 20 and anything new that comes out on the scene. I am partial to female solo artists such as Melissa, Shania Twain, Pink, Indogo Girls and their work. I also adore the work of Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20

Griffon's Football, flag and tackle and an occasional game of softball with friends

Favorite Restaurant:
Without a doubt it is the Hard Rock Cafe in Philly... the location is perfect to great daytime attractions with the atmosphere to make dining fun!

Favorite Gay Hangout:
I love Thursday night Karaoke and Drink Special at Sisters, and Wednesday nights at Taven on Camac...Tavern on Camac reminds me of the small bars where everyone knows everyone and you can relax and have a great time.

Favorite Straight Hangout:
ou can always find me taking in a game down in the sports complex, especially the Phillies... McFaddens at the Ballpark is an awesome place to hang out, eat, drink and watch the home runs fly!

Best part of Philly:
The year round activities... Philadelphia has a variety of museums, history, beauty and excitement. You can find fun at Penn's Landing, South Street, Downtown, the zoo and even scare up some fright at the Eastern State Penintentary.

Ideal First Date:
An afternoon at home with a Picnic outdoors, indoors if it is too cold. Add some fun foods to eat, a few flowers and a couple of candles and we are all set!

What is Stacy looking for in a partner?
What are you looking for in a partner? I am looking for a spontaneous woman who can compliment me and the life that I live. It is a relationship built on honesty, compromise and integrity.
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