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Calendar Model: Christina

Christina is a 26yo Gemini originally from Hmm this is a hard question every time I get it I have a ridiculously long answer. I was born in Newport News, VA then moved around almost every 2 years until I turned 17.. Christina has lived in Newark, DE for I have never actually lived in Philly however, my friends would disagree because I spend as much time in Philly as I do Delaware. So I am called a Philadelphian at heart. and works as a I am a sexual health counselor and educator for a great non profit company in Wilmington, Delaware

Karen Cornell

I love muscials!!! All types! I tend to walk around and break into song as if my life is an ongoing musical. (lol don’t judge me before you try it.) I really enjoy spoken word poetry. I am really interested in helping with community projects, community service, and being there as a support for youth that need it specifically young girls.

Favorite Music:
Beyonce!!! Need I say more. Ok ok I will say more… I also love The Beatles, Jill Scott, Broadway musical soundtracks, Bruno Mars, Gospel and other types of Christian music. This list can go on forever so I will stop.

Football. I love it! Giants fan all day and all night….sorry Philadelphia lol.

Favorite Restaurant:
My favorite restaurant is El Vez...great margaritas...great guac...and a picture machine! What's not to love?! But I am looking for a great West Indian, Dominican, and Brazilian restaurant…so if you know of any please let me know!

Favorite Gay Hangout:
STIMULUS!!!! (Come buy shots!)

Favorite Straight Hangout:
Lucky Strikes and Dave and Busters!

Best part of Philly:
My friends and my sweetheart!!! (I know… I know…but I'm serious)

Ideal First Date:
Driving to see a musical that’s about an hour and a half away. This gives time for talking and getting to know each other. After seeing the musical, getting dinner at a yummy chic restaurant (maybe like Mixto). Then going separate ways with a hug. Only to call 2 minutes later and say you’re not ready to go home and have the other person excited and saying the same thing. Then, going out for drinks and music (maybe like Fat Tuesdays on South Street). After all of that is done sitting in a car parked talking for over an hour to end the fabulous day and night with a beautiful kiss.

What is Christina looking for in a partner?
Someone who is beautiful inside and out, a really good heart, compassionate, motivated, has a personal relationship with God, enjoys helping others, thoughtful, sarcastic, positive, genuine, and loves to laugh.
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