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Dining Our For Life Delaware
AIDS Delaware presents Dining Out For Life® on 4/20. This annual fundraiser involves the generous participation of restaurants throughout Delaware and the Delaware Valley. Restaurants pledge 33% of the day’s proceeds in support of AIDS Delaware’s comprehensive HIV/AIDS services. 4/20, there’s no better date for a food fundraiser! Satisfy your munch at a participating restaurant for an important cause. We welcome the return of Blue Moon-Rehoboth, Eden Rehoboth, The Pig And Fish-Rehoboth, Cromwell’s Tavern, Walter’s Steakhouse, Timothy’s Of Newark, Bellefonte Cafe, Mariachi Rehoboth, and Jam Bistro By Eden, to name a few. Visit for the complete list of restaurants. #DiningOut4Life #4:20 #AIDSDE #SuddenlyRavenous
Thu, April 20
5:00pm - 5:00pm
Sponsored by: AIDS Delaware
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