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Gia Gunn at ICandy... Absolutely!
Just off the boat, you know, little trip to Asia, just landed at ICandy and feeling like fresh tilapia!! Come feel your oats with us August 11th as we welcome Gia Gunn to ICandy's Drag Race Fridays! Hosted by your current riegning Miss ICandy, Ariel Versace! Our sickening local cast of girls that... look... good... include Aloe Vera, Brooklyn Ford, Chastity St. Cartier, Lady Geisha-Stratton, Satine Harlow, and Volkie! The show is standing room only. There are no refunds if you can't make it, Gia doesn't like cheap queens after all.
Fri, August 11
10:00pm - 2:00am
   254 S. 12th St
  Philadelphia, PA
38 Atttending
177 Interested


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