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Fringe Arts: Fishtown - A Hipster Noir
A luddite private eye stumbles onto a virtual reality conspiracy when a new app allows you to live out your wildest a cost. Fishtown explores our addiction to technology, our loneliness in an over-connected world, and asks what constitutes reality. It's Chinatown meets Black Mirror meets Roger Rabbit.

Characters include the PI's assistant, Bradley. He's young, gay, and incredibly tech-savv, to a fault - able to use his phone to find anyone, but can't find the bathroom without it.

Sept. 8-11, 14-18, 21-23 at 8 pm, with Sunday matinees at 2 pm.

Part of the Phila. Fringe Arts Festival, Sept. 7-23. Use the left-hand column to filter events by date, genre, neighborhood, or "features" like free or LGBT. List of LGBT shows at this year's Fringe Fest.

Watch the promo video:

ToF kickstarter from Ben Grinberg on Vimeo.

Fri, September 22
8:00pm - 9:30pm
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