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Peter Pan at Arden Theatre
November 22 - January 21
On the F. Otto Haas Stage

Ever since J.M. Barrie's story first appeared in 1904, countless versions have been produced on stage and in film. Now, Arden Children's Theatre presents a brand-new production that celebrates the joy of storytelling and the power of imagination.

Join Peter on his adventure to Neverland, a magical island where there are no parents, no chores, and fairies and pirates rule! Introduce your children and grandchildren to the characters you loved from J.M. Barrie's timeless masterpiece: Wendy Darling, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, a horde of mischievous Lost Boys, Nana the dog, and last but not least a very hungry, ticking crocodile.

7:00pm - 9:00pm
Arden Theatre
   40 N. 2nd St.
  Philadelphia, PA
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