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Support our local sponsors:

Open Urban Training - Free Workouts at 12th Street Gym
Committing to a new year's fitness resolution? Need a FREE workout group to help you reach your goals? Visit our facebook page to RSVP for the event and to get free exercise and workout samples for your fitness journey.

Open Urban Training (OUT) is a safe and challenging environment for LGBTQ and Allies of all fitness levels. If you have any reservations, please feel free to contact Eloy at

A big thank you to our Sunday HIIT sponsor, 12th Street Gym, for allowing us to focus on health and wellness without the usual financial burden that comes with group exercise. Ask me for a free trial if interested.

Grab your towel and plenty of water and let's get to work :)

10:00am - 11:00am
12th Street Gym CLOSED
   204 S. 12th Street
  Philadelphia, PA
Sponsored by:
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