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FRATHAÜS (club kid dance party)
🍺 TOGA! 🍺 TOGA! 🍺 TOGA! 🍺 TOGA! 🍺

Y’all ready to Rush? Cause we’re having a frat party! Come dressed in your frat-inspired extravaganza, togas, greek wear, solo cups, pingpong balls, fragile masculinity all welcome!

Think big! Think weird! Or, don't think at all!

Hosted by ONYX ONDYX

• Dancin’ starts at 10
• Performances ALL NIGHT
• Beer Pong!
• Costume Contest with PRIZES

- Allison Wonderland
- Khaki Capri
- Petty Spaghetti
- Pi
- Ron Binary
- Samantha Genesis
- Stepdad
- Zephyra Rivers
+ Special Guest Performers TBA!

We are a collective of artists that needed a creative escape! We love creating a unique environment with decor, outfits, makeup, and performance. When you’re at a HAÜS party, you’re entering a full-on immersive experience!

This is a safe space for ALL identities 🌍💗

Fri, March 16
9:00pm - 2:00am
Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar
   200 South 12th Street
  Philadelphia, PA
40 Atttending
70 Interested


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