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HB Shamrocks & Jocks
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day & everything Irish with the Philadelphia Gryphons RFC at Happy Bear! The Gryphons are hosting their 6th Annual Shamrocks & Jocks on Friday, March 16th.

As is their tradition, the Gryphons ruggers will wet your whistle with jello shots, raffles and more that would make a leprechaun proud. Buy a rugger a drink and you might find out what's at the end of the rainbow....

From now until Shamrocks & Jocks, Gryphons will be at Happy Bear to collect donations to add to their "clover patch". For each donation of $5 or more, they will add a shamrock with your name to the clover patch upstairs at Tabu. Your donations will directly support their mission to encourage participation, build athleticism, and improve our community through the sport of Rugby. Your donation adds to the pot of gold and makes the team stronger!

Donate online at

Fri, March 16
5:00pm - 9:00pm
Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar
   200 South 12th Street
  Philadelphia, PA
Sponsored by: Happy Bear
$6 Absoluts; $5 Brooklyn Seasonal; $4 Selected Apps
5:00pm - 5:00pm
CHARITY: Philadelphia Gryphons Rugby Football Club
27 Atttending
36 Interested


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