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Thirst: A Qunify Dance Party
Come quench your THIRST! Spring ain’t ready, but we are! So bring out your THIRST trap outfits. Qunify is ready to see your beautiful selves. We’re thinking neon, mesh, and gender f*ckery. But, as always, DO YOU!

$5 to $15 “pay what you can”
Sober buddies* pay $3
Cash or Venmo (@qunifyphl)

21+ only

Doors open at 10:00pm and Qunify is showcasing amazing local talent from Philly:
🔊DJ Astro 8000 -
🔊DJ Peenness -
📸Photography by Kaltoum Alibrahimi
🎭Raspberry Royale: Ebony Ali an Kar Lucy

The Sankofa House is a community run space in West Philly. They have been hosting safer, QTPOC centered events for over five years. The first floor is the party floor and the basement is the smoking lounge.

Qunify is a community organization opening up new and different spaces in the Philly area for LGBTQ+ people. THIRST is a 21+, safe, and enjoyable space for folks of all gender presentations and all sexual orientations. Everyone is welcome.

No homophobia, no racism, no transphobia, no sexism, no femmephobia, and no fatphobia will be tolerated in any of our spaces. If you see anything that concerns you, please notify a Qunify team member for assistance.

*We understand that some LGBTQ+ folks deal with self medicating and substance abuse. Qunify supports folks who do not wish to partake in drinking. Folks planning on staying sober pay a reduced cover.

Accessibility Notes: The venue has 4 steps leading up to the porch and a lip at the front door. The bathroom is single use and therefore gender neutral. The 64 bus stops on the corner near the venue. The 34, 13, and 11 trolleys stop .2 miles away from the venue. The Media/Elwyn Regional Rail stops at 49th Street and is also .2 miles away.

Sat, April 21
10:00pm - 3:00am
The Sankofa House
   906 S 49th St
  Philadelphia, PA
Sponsored by: Qunify
$5 to $15 “pay what you can”
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