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They're Australian, They're Magicians AND THEY'RE NAKED!

Chris Balbi

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Bowtie Boy has been trekking around philly for 3 years. He enjoys theatre, beer gardens and intellectual conversations that lead nowhere. When he's not free-lancing his social media management and digital marketing strategies, he's at home in his underwear watching Dr. Who and eating Reese's puffs.
posted by Chris Balbi on Apr 26, 2016 10:30am | comments


I frequently joke with my friends that the things I love most are Dinosaurs, Waterfalls, Boys and Magic.  The latter two favorites are coming together at The Kimmel Center in May, and even better the "boys" will be sans clothing! 
I had a chance to talk with CHRISTOPHER WAYNE who's wit is "quicker than Kim Kardashian’s first marriage."  When my phone rang, and displayed an Australian based caller, I assumed it was some sort of fluke, but boy am I glad I picked up!  It turns out (I probably should have done my research ahead of time, my bad) that Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler are Brisbane, Australian based magicians!  They're about to embark on their first American Tour and will be in our town May 6th!  
How long have you been getting naked? 
Well, we've been doing the show for about 2 years now, but I've been doing Magic for over 10 years and getting naked for many more, wait that sounded bad!  
So Magic came first? 
Ya, I met Mike at a magic convention and was floored with his work, so we ended up chatting and becoming best mates 
How did the naked happen? 
You can thank the movie Magic Mike for that! Jokes would be made regularly,  "Hey Mike, how big is your magic wand?" or "can you make your clothes disappear?" So one night we were joking around the the idea of doing one of our shows naked was born.  We looked into it, and from what we can see we're the only show like it.  
Was getting naked infront of each other easy? 
No! We had to work towards the naked, we hit the gym hard and the first time we dropped our trousers was for our promo photo shoot! Mike and I looked at each other and I said "So we're doing this?"  
Alright, but how naked is "naked?" 
Think of our shows like a Tindr or Grindr date, you don't want to go all the way, right away.  You've got to make them wait for it, we start the show fully dressed and as the night progresses we "lose" articles of clothing along the way, but yes, we'll be fully naked at some point, after all, we are the NAKED magicians.  
You mentioned Grindr / Tindr, are you (and Mike) single? 
Yup, we're both single! 
And now a question that I'm almost afraid to ask, are you gay? 
(laughs) sorry to disappoint, both Mike and I are straight, but we do love our LGBT fans.  Marriage equality is huge in Australia right now,  but even before it was "popular" Mike and I were fighting for Marriage Equality.  It's an issue that we're very passionate about. 
So which stops on your tour are you most excited for? 
Well, visiting Canada has always been on my bucket list, and of course the "tourist" cities, San Francisco and New York, intrigue me.  But I'll be honest, I've been watching a lot of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" to get a taste of the culture and because the show is bloody brilliant!  
So you'll be getting a cheesesteak while you're here? 
Yes where should we go?! 
I'll let the readers fill you in on their favorites :) 

You can find out more about The Naked Magicians visit to The Kimmel Center here.

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