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A Year of No Fox Given.

Chris Balbi

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Bowtie Boy has been trekking around philly for 3 years. He enjoys theatre, beer gardens and intellectual conversations that lead nowhere. When he's not free-lancing his social media management and digital marketing strategies, he's at home in his underwear watching Dr. Who and eating Reese's puffs.
posted by Chris Balbi on May 4, 2016 10:30am | comments


I never thought a shwo that started out so strong could get any better, but over the last year I've watched the Foxes grow, mature and perfect their work.  It seemed only fitting with their One Year Anniversary rapidly apporaching, that I reach out to the show's host Maria Top Cat (Anthony Michael) to get the inside scoop on what's happened, what's happening and what's going to happen. 

C: How did the theme for your one year show come about?

Our anniversary show is pretty much theme-less. We wanted to just bring out things that would wow the audience and push us as artist. As we do every show. But this show is more of a celebration of the magic we create as a collaborative.

C: Whats been your favorite theme this year?

My favorite theme of this year would had to have been our DC vs. Marvel show because we are all super nerds and love video games and comic books. I got to be Emma Frost for Gods sakes, how fucking awesome is that?

C: Did you know the foxes would be this big?

I without a doubt knew we would be successful. I, however, did not expect us to obtain such a colt following. We have people making T shirts of us and brings us gifts and it's truly amazing. I'm blessed to be a part of this show. I can't describe how amazing it feels to hear how much people love what we do. We are all very vulnerable performers. We put our heart and soul on the stage every month and the feedback we get is transcendent. Truly blessed.

C: Every think about auditioning for more foxes?

NEVER! Tick tock foxes locked. There is no adding or replacing. The chemistry and family we have created is unlike anything I've ever experienced in my performance career. These lady boys are my family. We will continue this show the way it is. Guest spots, yes. Replacements or additions... Absolutely not. This is a well oiled machine and has been magic since day one when we came together. The seven foxes will forever and always be the foxes. I love the queens in this city but we work in a vet specific way. Bringing anyone else in would throw everything off.

C: What if the foxes out grow Franky's?

 We want to tour and do bigger stuff but we will never out grow Frankys. That is our home. We started there and we will end there. New venues and experiences may be thrown out way but that's our home and home is where the heart is. Frankys has 7 furry black hearts that will never be removed!


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