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Dragging Queens to the Trailer Park

Chris Balbi

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Bowtie Boy has been trekking around philly for 3 years. He enjoys theatre, beer gardens and intellectual conversations that lead nowhere. When he's not free-lancing his social media management and digital marketing strategies, he's at home in his underwear watching Dr. Who and eating Reese's puffs.
posted by Chris Balbi on May 18, 2016 10:30am | comments


What happens when 5 of Phillies Finest Queens get mixed up with the residents of Armadillo Acers? You get one "Dragged Out" performane of The Great American Trailer Park Musical.  Maria Top Cat,  Iris Spectre, Zsa. Zsa. St. James, Vinchelle, Anita Manhatthan, hit The Ritz Stage on 5/22!

I caught up with the residance of the Armadillo Park. They let me know that they were being joined for one night only in their musical adventures by some of Phillies Best Drag Queens. I stopped by the leasing office and met with Betty, "Those cock-smokin', tongue-waggin, cheese suckin, dick-in-a-bag Divas better watch out. They don't know real lady when they see one. This here is MY Trailer park."  Her friends Lynne and Pickles were also on site  "I'll just sit back and have some snacks while she does all the work." said Pickles. I barely had a chance to step outside and bump into resident stripper Pippi-  "I'm honestly terrified. I'm just not used to anyone wearing more glitter than me.  I had to make a house call to an agoraphobic Jeannie, she says "I just can't wait to share my trailer and little slice of home with these beautiful women! I don't get out much, so I am hoping we can share some beauty tips and maybe even do some crafts or nail art!!" 

I needed more info, so I checked Facebook for the details! -  It's like "Whose Line Is It Anyway" meets "The Jerry Springer Show." The show begins at 7:30pm with The Ritz's original cast performing The Great American Trailer Park Musical. However, each drag queen has been hired to double as one of the girls from Armadillo Acres. And when they feel inspired, they will buzz in to PERFORM THE HOUSE DOWN. They might be slaying it on the dance floor or lip syncing for filth to the vocals performed live by the cast.  

And let's not forget, DRINKS WILL BE SERVED. The bar will be open from 6:30pm til showtime. The bar opens up again at Intermission. And we'll catch you at the bar for a night cap before you leave. 
Great American Trailer Park Musical: Dragged Out!
Sun, May 22, 2016
6:30pm - 10:00pm
The Ritz Theatre Company
[915 White Horse Pike, Haddon, NJ]

Check out this video! 

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