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Brian Sanders: Carried Away

Chris Balbi

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Bowtie Boy has been trekking around philly for 3 years. He enjoys theatre, beer gardens and intellectual conversations that lead nowhere. When he's not free-lancing his social media management and digital marketing strategies, he's at home in his underwear watching Dr. Who and eating Reese's puffs.
posted by Chris Balbi on Sep 19, 2016 10:30am | comments


Way back, when I was just a young buck (3 years ago) I stumbled upon Brian Sanders dance company while plowing through countless fringe options.  I was intrigued by the promise of naked boys (I was a pervy young man, don't judge) so I bought a ticket and set out for a solo date.  Within seconds of stepping into the JUNK studio at 20/Christian I knew I was in for a treat, and every year Brian has had a show, I've made sure my ass finds a seat. 

I originally intended to write one large piece reviewing (and comparing and contrasting) all three dance pieces this weekend (Grounded Autonomy // Wroughtland) but I felt each piece was too unique to even try and tie together. 

I ended my dance filled weekend with "Carried Away," and it was by far the grittiest piece of theater I've seen in quite some time.  The story is loosely biographical, and shares the story of a lead characters self-discovery in the 80's gay scene.  This character explores the club scene, the porn scene, the love scene and the infidelity scene (all in under an hour). 

The use of space was remarkable and there's a final reveal that I don't want to spoil, but holy shit, blew my mind.  My only critique were the solo numbers, they felt improvised and lengthy, but not "bad" enough to leave a bad taste in my mouth.  They were over shadowed by an amazing performance that took place on a moving treadmill, it left me speechless.  

You're going to want to catch this piece of art before it's gone.  Ticket info here. 


@bsandersjunk's #CarriedAway is a must-see during #phillyfringe16! Get your tickets today!!

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