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Indigo Ball 2016

Robert Nonemacker

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Events & social media. Avid restaurant hopper, signature cocktail maker & healthy lifestyle chaser
posted by Robert Nonemacker on Oct 19, 2016 10:30am | comments


Hi PhillyGayCalendar readers! My name is Rob Nonemacker, President of Head Light Events. As an event professional for the past nine years, I am excited to cover some of Philly's best LGBT events and give you a sneak peek on what you might have missed out on..

On Saturday, October 8th at the Sofitel Hotel, the William Way Community Center held its annual fundraiser, Indigo Ball. I am ashamed to admit but this was actually my first Indigo Ball so needless to say I was excited to see what it was all about.

As you may or may not know the William Way Community Center encourages, supports, and advocates for the well-being and acceptance of sexual and gender minorities in the Greater Philadelphia region through service, recreational, educational, and cultural programming.

As you first entered the Paris Ballroom, you were greeted with a packed room, more passed hors d’oeuvres then you knew what to do with and of course, plenty of drinks to be had. When it came to attire, people did not hold back on this black tie (optional) affaire - gowns, tuxedoes and stylish blazers made this event feel grand. Next year, I will make sure to step up my game with a splash of color or an interesting accessory – you should have seen some of the head pieces (I literally yelled out to love lady to the left …COME ON HEAD PIECE!).

Working for non-profits in previous roles and attending more fundraisers that I can remember- the thing that impressed me most about Indigo Ball was that there was not an elaborate presentation trying to get you to donate. Yes, there was speeches and a donation ask but the energy of the room and the attendees made you feel like you were a part of something bigger than yourself. I even (for the first time at an event) busted out my pen and wrote a check. At this pivotal time in our community, it was impressive to hear presenters speak honestly about the challenges we are facing and the centers commitment to serve everyone in our community.


The William Way Community Center also took time to honor and celebrate those doing the good work in our community and award the following:


Corporate Partner of the Year Award

Community Partner of the Year Award

Lifetime Achievement Award
Deborah Johnson

Presentation of John J. Wilcox, Jr., Leadership and Service Award
Jeffrey C. Sotland

Ally of the Year Award
Jane Shull

Although this fabulous affaire might be over, the ways to get involved are never ending. Check out how you can support and engage at



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