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Beauty Ball: Turning Water into Wine Coolers!

Mistor Fahrenheit

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Mistor Fahrenheit is your local mustachioed drag queen, with a pep in her step and a song in her heart. Hobbies include, jello molding, interpretive dancing and taking care of business. When they're not busy avoiding green peace volunteers, you can catch her supporting local bars, by drinking too much.
posted by Mistor Fahrenheit on Nov 4, 2016 10:30am | comments


The 7th annual Beauty Ball is this weekend and I got a chance to have a sit down with one of the current producers, Ryan Wyrofsky. We decided to have a little “trial run" to get us ready for Saturday. 

   What is the Beauty Ball you ask? Its an amateur drag show for charity. Once a year a bunch of boys get together and tuck there balls back inside of them. That just so happens to coincide with a gaggle of drag queens painting gorgeous lady faces onto them. The best part you say?!? Its all for a great charity! This year the Beauty Ball’s profits will benefit the William Way Center. Unfortunately something so good has to have something so bad, more specifically, bitter….And that salty individual just happens to be Bev! I kid!! I kid!! Bev is the comic relief that every situation needs and will be the ultra fabulous host for the 3rd year.

Ryan Wyrofsky in and out of drag

   Some of this years painters include, myself, Lili St. Queer, Aurora Whoreialis, Ariel Versace, Chasity st. Carteia, Zsa Zsa St. James and Maria Topcat. And in my experience, most of our babies have nothing but chiseled jaws and masculine brow bones. Great for a sunday night at Tavern, bad for a queen. Throw in the fact that they all want to look like  Naomi Campbell and Gisele and it makes for an interesting evening. Of course everyone looks and feels amazing once everything comes together. But much props goes out to the proFESH queens turning, water into wine... coolers.

   Weather you’re there to support a friend, or just to count how many wigs hit the ground, it always promises to be a entertaining evening! Here’s a little sneak peak at what we have instore for RyWy. Category is: 20-something hipster chick who never met a pizza she didn’t like!

Be sure to check out the Beauty Ball this Saturday at Woodys, 7-10 pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door. See ya there queen!


[Main Photo by: Alexander Ortiz]


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