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Fox Discovers New Talent with 'Star'

Chris Lombardi

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Roger Ebert and Chelsea Handler made a queer baby. As your artist advisor, I'll help you navigate through all the entertainment options out there so you can save time and money making the best decisions when it comes to what to watch and listen to. We can agree to disagree, as long as you remember that I'm always right. #SORRYnotSORRY
posted by Chris Lombardi on Mar 13, 2017 10:30am | comments


Fox's Empire broke new ground for the network and infused the world of hip-hop with soap-opera that was not only a celebration for the world of music, but also exemplified another piece of culture for the network as the channel to turn to if you love a good EARGASM.

After the success of Glee and Empire, FOX picked up indie filmmaker Lee Daniels' (also a co-creator of Empire) latest musical escapade, Star.

(L2R) Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny & Brittany O'Grady were three undiscovered, beautiful, young ladies with both the look and the voice to land them the lead roles on Star.

Demorest, a funky combo of X-Tina & Rihanna, is Star; a fiery, ambitious singer with looks that kill (literally), on a mission to build a better life for herself and her sister Simone (O'Grady).

Star and Simone hit the road to Atlanta with Alexandra Crane - the daughter of a famous musician and ex-supermodel (Lenny Kravitz & Naomi Campbell), as the main lyricist behind the trio, trying to catch their big break in the industry.

At the epicenter of the driven young ladies is Queen Latifah's character, Miss Carlotta. She knew Star and Simone's mother, who passed away at a young age and was the source of the talent Star inherited.

Obviously, it would be no fun for this to be one long song and dance. It's not like Glee, where we watch a bunch of covers and everything is all about these girls getting the easy road to the top.

The cast includes Benjamin Bratt, as a producer who is on a mission to make shit happen for these talents, but also can't keep his dick in his pants or his nose out of a pile of cocaine.

Then there is Star's past that comes back to haunt her, while she uses her body, ZERO FUCKS attitude and wicked smile to seduce whoever she has to in order to make her dreams come to fruition.

Daniels' latest series tinkers back and forth between cheesy guilty pleasure and binge-worthy, hella-fun viewing. There are so many factors that make it outlandish, but there are also a lot of great perks that tell me it's going to get renewed for another season.

It's not only another win for the African-American community like Empire, but Daniels' once again is sure to infused LGBT characters, writing in a transgender character, and a gender-neutral hairstylist that brings the fierce factor on.

Then, of course, there are the performances. The music could use a little bit of a bigger punch, but I love songs like Break Yo Chest and the show's theme song, I Bring Me.

Then of course, there are the cat-fights, pill-popping, covering and meeting idols like Gladys Knight and a murder scandal involving an abusive step-father. There's a lot going on in Season 1 of Star, and as the pilot eludes - the journey is only going to get louder, more sparkly and take audiences on a poppy ride to super-stardom.

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