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qFLIX Film Festival

507 South 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA
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The Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association (PIFVA) is a membership organization started by filmmakers whose mission is to connect, support, sustain and showcase Philadelphia regions’ independent media arts community. Founded in 2014 as a new festival, with new media and a new attitude, qFLIXphiladelphia is rooted in 20 years of LGBTQ film festival leadership. We believe that experiencing our voices, stories and visions on film from around the world, from birth to death, from the loved to the loveless, from youth to maturity, helps lift us forward as individuals and as a community. Film as an international language allows qFLIXphiladelphia to foster, support, and give access to independent filmmakers and to encourage and nurture younger ones in the art of filmmaking. Queer film inspires the imagination and encourages the journey of discovery and acceptance by both the ever-growing region’s LGBTQ and the mainstream communities. The Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association (PIFVA) was formed in 1979 by independent filmmakers to provide services to media makers working in all genres, styles and at all levels of experience. A program at International House for 19 years, PIFVA evolved into an essential and dynamic resource for local media makers, encouraging independent, non-commercial, artistically provocative, diverse, and community-based production of work. In 1998 International House no longer was able to continue PIFVA as one of its programs. A concerned community of filmmakers formed a PIFVA Advisory Council to develop viable strategies for PIFVA’s future. In 2002 PIFVA received 501(c)(3) status and has since been run by an active Board of Directors, volunteers and a paid coordinator. In January 2007 PIFVA moved to an expanded office located within the facilities of Scribe Video Center where members can screen work, hold meetings, conduct interviews and shoot scenes (as long as the space can support).


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