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Philadelphia is known for it's vast array of organizations dedicated to the LGBT community. Philly Gay Calendar has 575 organizations in the area ranging from social organizations, to support groups, to organizations that deal with politics, health, and even local sports teams.

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Liberty City Kings Drag & Burlesque
Type: Art & Culture
Welcome to Our Royal Court! Liberty City Kings, AKA LiCK, is Philly's only queer drag king and burlesque queen performance troupe. LiCK explores and explodes the performance expectations of drag and burlesque. LiCK’s drag king hotties will make you squirm, laugh, and sing along with their lowbrow humor, while their burlesque beauties captivate audiences with their fun, sexy, and downright raunchy shake-and-shimmy numbers proving that drag and burlesque doesn’t need to be high class to be fun! Liberty City Kings are all about blending, bending, and blurring gender, politics, and satire with live music, drag, burlesque, and good, old-fashioned, raunchy fun! LiCK has been called sassy and sexy, titillating, uncomfortably moist, wildly inappropriate, borderline wrong, and plain old freakin’ funny and that is just by our own members! Liberty City Kings have produced Dragadelphia, Mr. Drag King Philly, and the Vixens and Vagabonds Cabaret. In the last few years, they have regularly hosted and performed at the Philly Dyke March and Sister Space Weekend. In addition, LiCK has performed at Sugartown, FUSE Party, the Dive, Dr. Sketchy’s, Pleasure Garden, Woody’s, Sisters, the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, M Room, the Scene Party, and many other locations. LiCK is available for any venue, big or small, though, we have to admit, we are size queens!
Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club
Type: Political
Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club is an advocacy organization which builds political power for the Philadelphia area Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community through involvement within the Democratic Party.
Liberty PA 2014
Type: Political
Welcome to the home page of Liberty PA 2014, a statewide, grassroots LGBT voter mobilization PAC. Learn more about us and consider making a donation or getting involved!
Liberty Tennis Association
Type: Sports
Philadelphia's GLBT tennis group. Players of all skill levels welcome.
Lillith Grove Women's Center
Type: Social
The mission of the Lillith Grove Women’s Center is to provide a safe place for women to gather, share and participate in educational, recreational, social and cultural activities. Because this is a new and developing Women’s Center, we are looking for interested members to join the Center so that we can get this facility up and running! The Lillith Grove Women’s Center will become the area’s first place of choice for women to participate in activities that are recreational, socialand cultural. We will provide a safe and supportive environment for the personal development and social growth of women.
Live Arts Festival and Phlly Fringe
Type: Art & Culture
The Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe were originally founded in 1997 as the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. This year we have repositioned the two programming segments of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival as two separate, distinct, concurrent festivals. The Live Arts Festival features selected cutting-edge, boundary-breaking performing arts events, created by some of the most renowned contemporary artists from our region and around the world. The Philly Fringe - which provides opportunities for any artist, independent of a selection process, to self-produce their work - represents the true international 'Fringe' movement.

Since beginning in 1997, our festivals have tripled in size and seen tremendous attention, support and community involvement. In 2003, our sixteen-day Festival drew over 47,000 people, with over 1900 artists and company members performing for more than 700 performances.
Living Soulfully Philadelphia
Type: Health
Living Soulfully Philadelphia provide opportunities for men to connect with other gay men on a spiritual path. We offer two monthly events which you can check out on Philly Gay Calendar:

Philly Gay Spirit
Naked Yoga Philly

Living Soulfully Philadelphia also collaborates with LS groups in other cities. Our joint website is under construction. Check back soon!

Would you like to learn more, get involved, or attend an event? Please email us
Long Yang Club Philadelphia
Type: Social
Promotes friendship and understanding between gay Asians and non Asians through social and cultural events. Monthly socials and bimonthly newsletter. (please put 'LYCPHL' in the subject line or we won't received your mail)
Love Is For Everyone (LIFE) Tabernacle
Type: Religious
A Progressive Apostolic Welcoming Congregation! Call for service times and directions!
Love My Partner Out Loud Couples Retreat
Type: Family
Love My Partner Out Loud provides services including private coaching sessions, premarital sessions, and retreats for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples designed to offer experiential opportunities to build upon existing strengths while opening new avenues for growth. Even healthy couples can use a tune-up now and then because issues like communication, compromise, power, or balance are lifelong processes. Retreats are in the Philadelphia area. Your relationship is worth it. Please visit for further information.
Lower Bucks County Transgender Support Group
Type: Transgender
This group offers a unique combination of monthly real time support meetings the first Wednesday of the month, and real time social events.

We know about fear, being closeted, and how those feelings cause people to hide the real person online. Here, you can relax and be you. No one is here to drag you out of your comfort zone. There is no reason to hide your feelings or dreams. Friendships are made here. As you comfort zone grows, hopefully your list of real friends will grow also!

You are encouraged to take active part in discussions, offer ideas, and strive to improve the group so ALL TG persons, their friends, family, lovers and admirers may feel welcome.

While we are a small group, we are quite active: this is not simply an online 'chat group.' Many members attend our scheduled events, so it is very likely that you will meet other members in person!

Since this group is intended for people who wish to meet others 'in person,' we prefer to keep our members within a reasonable driving distance.
M Catering
Type: Professional
Full service catering company that began as MANNA Catering. Award winning Executive Chef Eric Gantz and his staff strives to make every event memorable with his food and service. A portion of all proceeds benefit local nonprofits serving the community.
Main Line Youth Alliance
Type: Youth
The Main Line Youth Alliance (MYA) provides gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and straight youth with social, educational and supportive activities in a confidential, respectful and safe environment. Main Line Youth Alliance programs, unique in Philadelphia's western suburbs, encourage healthy relationships with peers, family and community. We meet every Friday night from 7 to 9:30pm at the Central Baptist Church in Wayne, PA. (Space is generously donated by Central Baptist Church. MYA has no religious affiliation.)
MANNA (Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance)
Type: HIV
MANNA delivers nourishment to people living with a life-threatening illness. A small professional staff and 1,000 dedicated volunteers bring over 50,000 nutritious, home-cooked meals each month into the homes of individuals and families living with a life-threatening illness. MANNA nutritionists provide one-to-one, HIV-specialized nutritional counseling in dozens of clinics throughout the Delaware Valley. All of MANNA’s services are free of charge throughout 11 counties of the tri-state region.
Market America - PLG Diversified
Type: Professional
Gay owned and operated product brokerage. Our clients have an assigned Personal Consultant that is able to find any product for our clients. Examples of products: Holistic health & nutrition, skin care, custom cosmetics, auto care, weight management (personal counselor), sports nutrition, home & cell phone service and much more. Our Professional consultants are trained to find the highest quality product you want at the best price and have it delivered to you.
Marriage Equality USA - Southeastern PA Chapter
Type: Social
Welcome to Marriage Equality work in Pennsylvania

**Link through to the PA Southeast or the PA Southwest sections to see specific information on what is happening both statewide and in the specific Philadelphia or Pittsburgh regions. If you live in a different part of the state from these areas and would like to start your own chapter, contact us at MEUSA and we will connect you with the people who can help you to do that. 1) On the home page of this site, select the JOIN NOW link and fill in the form. Your email is important for communication and your zip code is important so that your membership is entered into the Pennsylvania Chapter. There is optional information which you may choose to fill in or leave blank, but please also take the time to fill out the section at the bottom of the form to let us know what you want to be part of, what you don't want to be part of, and there is even an 'other' box for anything else that you think we should know. 2) In the meantime, do remember that seemingly small efforts begin to add up to big differences. Do your research, know for example the difference between civil unions and civil marriage. Stay informed of the issues and continue to tell your story. Civil marriage equality under the law moves forward when people understand that behind the facts are real faces and families. The MEUSA website offers plenty of great resource information for your own knowledge, the PA SW and PA SE pages offer specifics of what is happening in those areas but also ideas for how people from across the state can be involved. We are happy to let you know the opportunities that are out there and can assure you your personal story of why this issue is important to you is an important story to be telling. Together, we can make a difference. 3) There is currently alot of emphasis on national marriageequality issues and efforts such as the Prop 8 rallies across the country organized by grassroots people.More locally, over the past four years we have successfully blocked two attempts to put a marriage amendment to a vote on the ballot of Pennsylvania. The amendment would have gone further than current PA law which does mean marriage equality is illegal here. The state constitution would actually have been changed. Unravelling an amendment to the state constittution is much, much more difficult than changing a law so we need to be celebrating our success and the success of the Value All Families coalition in stopping that. 4) Click through to either PA Southwest (Pittsburgh region) or PA Southeast (Philadelphia region) to see what's currently happening that's important to you and your family! **UP and COMING Organizations worth checking out.*** Create Equality is a non-profit organization that works to generate awareness about the GLBTQI community and enact social change through the arts. Mark your calendar for the Create Equality nationwide kickoff event, LOVE UNITES, which will be held in May 2009, and will bring together gay and straight celebrities, comics, artists and musicians in the name of love and equality for all. Find out how you can hold a LOVE UNITES event in your city: . A LOVE UNITES event is being planned by our Philadelphia region leader so check it out! Pittsburgh and Philadelphia region contact info: Philadelphia : Brandi Fitzgerald Pittsburgh: Dana Elmendorf
Material Gurls Ent
Type: Social
Our organization provides a combination of entertainment services including Party Promotion, Hosting and Planning. We specialize in the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer and Questioning) community, bringing you events that are unique to our wonderful social life. Expect a lifetime memorable experience, that you will want to relive over and over again! With the leadership of the Material Gurls Senoj and Jador, we strive to deliver outstanding service to all clients!
Mayor's Liaison to LGBT Communities
Type: Political
Gloria Casarez is the Mayor's Liaison to LGBT Communities. She serves as the principle point person in the City administration on LGBT issues and leads the administration's efforts on LGBT issues within city government and facilitates community engagement across a range of issues of importance to LGBT people in Philadelphia.
Mazzoni Center - Chestnut Street
Type: Health
Established in 1979, Mazzoni Center provides quality comprehensive health and wellness services and is the only health care provider in the Philadelphia region specifically targeting the unique health care needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities. Mazzoni Center offers a full array of outreach, prevention, education, direct medical and care services, psychosocial services, legal services, and support groups, and is dedicated preserving the dignity and improving the quality of life of the individuals it serves. It is the oldest AIDS service organization in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the fourth-oldest in the U.S. Counseling, prevention and wellness programs, legal services, and HIV/AIDS support services are housed at the agency's main offices (21 S. 12th Street, 8th floor); primary health care is provided by Mazzoni Center Family and Community Medicine (809 Locust Street); and free, rapid HIV/STD testing through the Washington West Project (1201 Locust Street).
Men of All Colors Together
Type: Social
Men of All Colors Together Philadelphia is a gay multiracial, multicultural organization committed to fostering supportive environments wherein racial, social and cultural barriers can be overcome and the goal of human equality realized. To these ends, Men of All Colors Together Philadelphia, engages in educational, political, cultural and social activities as a means of dealing with racism, sexism, homophobia, heterosexism, HIV/AIDS, ageism, ableism, classism, and other inequalities in our lives.
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