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Philadelphia is known for it's vast array of organizations dedicated to the LGBT community. Philly Gay Calendar has 575 organizations in the area ranging from social organizations, to support groups, to organizations that deal with politics, health, and even local sports teams.

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Pride of the Greater Lehigh Valley
Type: Pride
Pride of the Greater Lehigh Valley is a volunteer non-profit community service organization dedicated to building safe inclusive communities in eastern Pennsylvania . Because we understand that diversity is the foundation of community and individual health, we provide opportunities for positive visibility and safe environments that permit the expression of diverse perspectives with an emphasis on acceptance and valuing individuals of all sexual orientations or gender identities.
Prime Timers of Philadelphia
Type: Social
A social group serving the needs of mature gay and bi men and those who admire mature men. We are dedicated to the notion that life should be fun, zesty, and enjoyable no matter what your age!
Q-Zine - WXPN 88.5FM
Type: Media
A weekly queer arts and culture radio magazine, Sundays at 11:30pm, following Amazon Country on WXPN-FM, Philadelphia (88.5fm)
QComedy Fest
Type: Art & Culture
Get ready for Philadelphia’s first-ever week of comedy dedicated to more than queer observations and gay laughter – QComedy Fest lands October 9th through October 15th, 2011 and aims to showcase great LGBT performers across all comedy styles and across the country over seven days of performances by dozens of talented comedians at three different venues.
Queer 2 The T
Type: Media
Queer 2 The T is the #1 Queer Sound from Germantown. Queer 2 The T is the leading LGBTQ radio show with over 8,000 listeners locally and worldwide! Housed at G-town Radio Station, Queer 2 The T is a registered non profit 501 (c)3
Queer 2 The T
Type: Media
Queer 2 The T, the #1 Queer Sound from Germantown", plans to provide the LGBTQ community with political commentary, nightlife happenings and arts & culture events through online radio programming. Currently housed at Gtown Radio Station, a [501 c3], the hosts aim to embrace all communities and provide a protected environment to examine the similarities in our "differences". Coupled with community initiatives, Queer 2 The T, strives to merge what has been coined "gay" and "hetero-normative" into the unified category of humanity by addressing many topics with on-air interviews, outreach and reviews from local and global listenership. Queer 2 The T is more than a radio show; it is a safe space for queer identified, gay, lesbian, transgender, straight and straight allies to convene to discuss concerns and info-tainment.
Queer at The Collaborative
Type: Social
Queer@theCollaborative is a group for GLBT Jews in their 20s and 30s. From bagel brunches to movie screenings and bowling, Queer@theCollaborative is a perfect place to schmooze, socialize, and make new friends.
Queer Philadelphia
Type: Media
A local gay news and information blog.
Queer Philadelphia Asians
Type: Social
QPA (Queer Philadelphia Asians) is a grassroots organization whose goal is to empower Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Asian and Pacific Islanders through a variety of social, educational, peer-support, cultural, and political activities. We collaborate with other community organizations to help educate the API and LGBT communities on issues of race, sexuality, and gender.
Queer Student Alliance (UPenn)
Type: Social
Penn's Queer Student Alliance
Type: Media
The Philadelphia Region's fastest growing on-line LGBT newsletter.
Quince Productions
Type: Art & Culture
Quince Productions, LLC is one of the latest small production companies to join Philadelphia’s lineup. It debuted with the presentation of David Parker and the Bang Group’s “Backward and in Heels” at the Painted Bride Art Center (January 2008) and continued with Victor Bumbalo’s comedy “Niagara Falls” at the Shubin Theatre (July 2008).

We’re dedicated to bringing you the shows you might not otherwise see: an eclectic collection of theater, music, dance, and performance art--often with a gay twist or two.
Type: Social
Qventures offers a non-bar alternative for the local LGBT Community. Qventures includes local tours, movies and dinner, hiking and camping, cooking and pottery classes and much more.

Type: Political
Riders Against Gender Exclusion (RAGE) calls on SEPTA to eliminate the use of gender stickers immediately. We are a grassroots group of Philadelphians committed to ending SEPTA's use of (M/F) stickers on transpasses and trailpasses for the following reasons.
Radical Faeries
Type: Social
We're Faeries. We love, gather, celebrate, cooperate, smile, play, cook, feed, eat, drink, talk, lounge, laugh, chuckle, guffaw, relate, listen, support, flatter, extol, understand, empathize, prophesize, foresee, advise, grow, hiss, party, primp, prance, pretend, parade, hula, swing, bounce, disappear, reappear, elaborate, embellish, colorize, hypnotize, revolutionize, beautify, glitter, dust, unveil, inspire, perspire, desire, bitch, moan, gripe, worry, stress, bless, reduce, reuse, reclaim, dance, prance, dress, redress, cross-dress, transgress, undress, reveal, moon, sun, expose, propose, transpose, mortify, shock, strut, exhaust, tire, balance, derange, unhinge, flaunt, pose, swagger, sashay, billow, moisten, bedew, disorient, discombobulate, eclipse, shame, offend, defend, blend, flirt, touch, kiss, hug, cruise, fuck, suck, finger, fist, swallow, spit, gag, bind, whip, chain, explore, try, fail, retry, succeed, bleed, fly, crash, investigate, create, garden, build, paint, sculpt, draw, style, act, sing, lip-sync, sew, compose, design, email, teach, train, entertain, invent, reinvent, nickname, dj, spin, flag, smoke, dose, lust, hunger, protect, pacify, rectify, regret, rejoice, uplift, ameliorate, care, ignore, neglect, forget, freeze, melt, rain, snow, flood, evaporate, expand, honor, grieve, remember, survive, thrive, engage, marry, have, hold, osculate, overshadow, overachieve, overtake, overstep, oversleep, invade, conquer, shop, carpool, bike, walk, run, swim, camp, frolic, stretch, sneeze, cough, scratch, fart, shave, trim, fry, boil, bake, sauté, masculinize, feminize, sexualize, neutralize, trespass, sin, desecrate, barter, trade, share, campaign, vote, elect, select, protest, march, lead, lobby, exemplify, network, decry, denounce, stand, vow, labor, volunteer, proffer, wash, dry, clean, soil, study, publish, lecture, scorn, pontificate, ruminate, think, hide, seek, trick, treat, show, tell, gossip, judge, reject, hurt, heal, cry, apologize, forgive, argue, disagree, compromise, pray, believe, chant, worship, inhale, exhale, meditate, transmogrify, oil, lubricate, massage, masturbate, ejaculate, regenerate, renew, nap, snore, cuddle, nibble, pamper, soak, trust, breathe, open, relax, clench, penetrate, release, orgasm, sigh, travel, wander, discover, conserve, indulge, list, advertise, recruit, welcome, embrace, unite, congeal, engulf, yearn, strive, dream, imagine, evolve, and love. -Doodad
Radio With a Twist
Type: Art & Culture
Alternative Radio Program Streamed Live on the Internet and Q102.1 FM Sunday Nights from 10pm - midnight.
Type: Social
RAGSME: Big Cock. Bigger Parties.

The RAGSME Party:
1 part entertainment
1 part decor
1 part hot boys


Serve. A stiff drink is only the beginning.
Rainbow Chorale of Delaware
Type: Art & Culture
Rainbow Chorale of Delaware, Inc. (the "Chorale"), is a non-stock non-profit Delaware corporation operating as a community chorus providing gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered persons, and their friends and supporters with opportunities for the performance of choral music in a supportive and affirming environment. The Chorale seeks to represent the positive face of Delaware's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community through high quality musical performance, and to support other institutions and individuals who serve that community.
Rainbow Circle Cancer Support Group
Type: Support
Support group for people with cancer and their significant others meets at 7 p.m. the first Monday of the month at the William Way Center
Rainbow Circle of the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation
Type: Health
Rainbow Circle is a circle of support and strength that reaches out to the queer women’s community to provide breast health education, screening, support services, and advocacy opportunities.
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