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The Tavern [American cuisine ]
Chef Eric Paraskevas (Slate, Lolita) returns to the Washington West neighborhood at terra, a dynamic new restaurant that showcases his exceptional skill in preparing New American cuisine. terra is an intimate, modern, and cozy restaurant on one of America's most historic streets. While parts of the building are hundreds of years old, including the portions of the basement used in the Underground Railroad, there is nothing antiquated about terra's menu. The 40-seat space and fully renovated kitchen were designed to provide local and regional foodies with an unparalleled culinary experience. Most of terra's menu features locally sourced ingredients, all picked from the best suppliers who consistently provide the highest quality in fresh foods. We look forward to you joining us very soon!

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243 South Camac Street
[Camac and Locust (below Tavern)]
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 545-0900

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