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Mixto [Latin Cuisine]
Tierra Colombiana's polished Center City outpost is definitely more uptown than the original. There are big picture windows, papaya-colored walls and an airy upstairs bar. Still, the efficient, Spanish-speaking service is reminiscent of Mixto's North Philly home-style progeny. So are the immense platefuls of food. Coming for dinner? Skip lunch. Appetizers like beef-stuffed empanadas and spicy shrimp with mashed plantains are tasty and filling. Even better: Skip appetizers, since dinner entrees--plain grilled whole pargo fish, simple chicken breast in tangy red salsa, even a giant platter of squid-ink paella--come with plenty of beans, rice and plantains or cassava. The size alone will overwhelm, even when flavors don't. Order the fried skirt steak with sliced avocado, fried egg, and all the trimmings. In the improbable event there's room for dessert, share homemade chocolate or moist and milky tres leches cake.

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1141 Pine Street
[12th and Pince]
Philadelphia, PA

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