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Hey Guys and Dolls its Dee here with a spicy interview with the founder and CEO of the upcoming line, Heterophobiq, Carmen N. Williams. At the age of 28, Carmen currently resides in her hometown, Durham, North Carolina. From speaking with Carmen, I can tell you this woman is definitely passionate about her work, so why don’t you divulge yourself with my stimulating interview with her!

Dee: How are you today?

Carmen: I’m good!!

Dee: Where are you originally from and where do you reside now?

Carmen: I was born and raised in Durham North Carolina and I reside in the same now.

Dee: Where was Heterophobiq established and for how long?

Carmen: Heterophobiq was established in the depths of my sexuality and has been there for about 12 years now. Yet the clothing line and the idea were established in the fall of 2006 in Durham North Carolina.

Dee: Can you tell me how you came up with the idea of your name for your clothing line, Heterophobiq?

Carmen: I can indeed. I was sitting at the studio of my home boy that I grew up with by the name of John, of Currieman Productions. John told me, “You got to hear this CD of this girl that can spit.” I was like, “Aight cool!!!” I was sitting there grooving and this song came on with a slight whisper at first and then the beat dropped. I was taken by the lyrics and surrounded by the concept of what if us as a community started looking at the heterosexuals and gossiping the way they look at us. This was the basis for the song which is titled, “Heterophobia”. I thought, what if we began to look at it through their eyes and with our perception. The stereotypes, the eye-balling, and the misconceptions. Then, I thought what if I made it not just heterophobia, which is the act of not accepting the “straight” life but to make it a cultural stance and become Heterophobiq!!

Dee: Is there a specific logo for Heterophobiq?

Carmen: Yes there is a specific logo for it and I would describe it as our life. It is seven colors and only one love for those seven colors. There is no race, creed, background, status symbol, or any other requirements for being in the life so why not let us wear something that says just the same without saying a word.

Dee: What different types of styles and sizes does Heterophobiq provide?

Carmen: Just as the colors of this life style, Heterophobiq knows no boundaries. Actually, I don’t either. I will put my logo on anything and I do mean anything. There are now size restrictions. Coming up in the fall I will be releasing my new exclusively designed line of both men and women’s wear. It will consist of a wide range of clothing items from blazers, to sweats, to boxer shorts, boi shorts for women, underwear for men, slacks, skirts, and etc. I am looking to show the world that we are more than just the random shot of the rainbow, we are office professionals, we are athletes, we are parents, we are politicians, and we are Americans and so much more world wide. I am looking to have custom shirts done for each cities pride events and have them there for people to represent their states and cities.

Dee: Does Heterophobiq have a Summer 07 line? If so, what does that entail?

Carmen: Not just yet, the main focus for Heterophobiq will be the fall and winter lines.

Dee: Are there any particular projects you’re working on now for an upcoming line?

Carmen: The projects for the upcoming line are fierce. That is the best way I can put it. I am taking a new approach to the club scene by introducing an urban feel to a dress casual look. I am doing evening wear for both men and women.

Dee: Does Heterophobiq provide more than clothing?

Carmen: Yes, we provide a comfortable place for us to express concerns and address the major issues of our life. I provide a place where we are just trying to become comfortable in our life and a place where no matter the problem there will be an answer.

Dee: What companies, if any, does Heteophobiq work with?

Carmen: Presently Heterophobiq does not work with any companies but is always looking for new ideas and endeavors. I welcome any and all to feel free to contact me with suggestions, questions and anything for that matter.

Dee: Where can an interested shopper purchase some Heterophobiq wear?

Carmen: Heterophobiq wear can be purchased through our Myspace address which is: www.myspace.com/heterophobic23!!!!

In my opinion, with the drive and charisma Carmen has, Heterophobiq is definitely going places. Please feel free to check out what Heterophobiq has to offer at www.myspace.com/heterophobic23. I would like to thank Carmen for taking the time our of her busy schedule to interview with me and good luck with all of your endeavors! Thanks for reading, peace and love.

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