Why Aren’t We Getting It On?

“My girlfriend and I have been dating for over a year and a half. We live together and have a great relationship. The problem is our sex life, which was great early on but has fizzled in the last 10 months. The main problem is her really low sex drive and it has become a major issue in our relationship. We never have sex more than once a week but the dry-spells have been lasting over a month more recently. I didn’t get fat, I didn’t get any worse looking, I didn’t stop treating her well, and I think our relationship in general has gotten a lot stronger over the last 10 months. I know her stress level is high but the low libido has been difficult for me to adapt to. I struggle to talk about this with her because although we DO discuss the lack of intimacy, everytime I bring up the subject, I feel like I put too much pressure on and make the situation even worse. I’ve found myself getting irritable and more on-edge with her because I want to have sex more often so I would do anything to help the situation improve. She’s only 26, Timaree… what the hell should I do?”