An Open Letter to Blaze Waters

I understand that your shows and parties are also fundraisers to help you in your running battle with the owner of Albert’s on Grant Avenue in the Northeast, where you had been operating the first successful gay nightspot in the Northeast until Albert Buoncristiano locked you out in a rent dispute. I sympathize with your plight and understand the frustration and anger you feel at how he has treated you. I would, however, like to offer a suggestion at this point…

DJ Billy Carroll Spins for Boys of Summer 2010

For 35 years, Billy Carroll has been doing just that. Moving crowds and telling stories with musical combinations, manipulating energy levels to provide unforgettable nights. He is a DJ that specializes in versatility, and, like a true renaissance man, he refuses to pigeonhole himself. Billy has traveled the world from Philly to LA to China, and his formative years afforded him the unique opportunity to moonlight as a guest DJ at perhaps the birthplace of the true music scene, the legendary Paradise Garage.