Review of ‘Carrie’

Carrie, now showing at Underground Arts at the Wolf Building, tells the familiar story of a ridiculed teen with telekinetic powers. The Brian De Palma film and Stephen King novel by the same name depicts the protagonist in a dramatic light, portraying a tale of hurt and revenge. Erik Jackson’s stage adaptation accomplishes the same task, but with a lot more humor.

Why I Walk

In two weeks I will be walking around Fairmount Park to support and remember those who are infected or affected by the HIV virus. I have certainly been affected by the epidemic. I took my first HIV test when I was seventeen. I remember feeling so nervous and thought that my life would be over if the test came back positive. But nonetheless, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around living with HIV.

The John J. Wilcox, Jr. Lending Library

Like Carrie Bradshaw and Monolos, books are what makes me happiest. I love books. The texture, the smell, the sound of pages turning. I love the static quiet and still air in bookstores and libraries, even comic book shops. I love the way standing in a room of books makes me feel like nothing is out of my reach. That I could learn anything, with enough time and effort, become a self-educated expert on any subject. As a card-carrying member of the gay lady club, of course GLBTQ fiction and history hold a special place in my heart.