Top 5 Late Night Gayborhood Binge Spot

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Picture it! The bar is closing, those harsh lights come on and Mr Right-Now is nowhere to be found. So what's a gurl to do? Obviously, late-night carb binge. So what’s a gurl to do?


The best end to any evening out, is putting some greasy, carb-heavy meal in your mouth before crashing on your bed in the hopes of staving off that hangover. It’s been scientifically proven that carbs before bed cure a hangover (NOTE: Not real science) (NOTE: greasy food helps with a hangover, real science.)

So PhillyGayCalendar has compiled the TOP 5 spots in the Gayborhood for that late-night binge!

5. Gay Pizza (209 S 13th St – between Locust and Walnut)
There has been a lot of turmoil over this place – opened – closed – opened again. But don’t worry, it’s here to stay. It’s open until 4am, so even if you stay out for that last drink at Voyeur, you can still grab a slice. Plus the Mac-n-Cheese Pizza is legendary!

4. Mama Angelina’s (1337 Locust St – between Broad and Locust)
Just a block away from the Gayborhood, this is often an overlooked place (in some circles it is referred to as "the Other Gay Pizza"). While it’s only opened until 2am, if you sneak out of Woody’s early you can snag a few slices before you Uber it home. There is even a nice little dining area to sit and gorge while gossiping with friends about that sexy morsel grinding your gears.

3. Midtown II Diner (122 S 11th St – at Sansom St)
Just around the corner from the bars is a satisfying, 24hr diner. If you're looking for drag queens, this is where a lot of them end up (or Wawa! … for some us, both). You can always see a gaggle in the back or the brand-new couple (whose eyes locked on the dancefloor and are in the midst of having their first conversation, try to avoid the sparks). Plus their menu is extensive.

2. Little Pete’s (219 S 17th St – at Chancellor St)
This is a Philly tradition. Little Pete's has been around a loooooooong time, and while it’s a few block from the Gayborhood, it’s perfect if you closed out Stir. They have EVERYTHING on their menu, including scrapple (if you don’t know what scrapple is – get out Philly! Or give it a try). Try their Disco Fries – you won’t be disappointed.

1.Wawa (201 S Broad Street – at Walnut St)
YYYYAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS… Now that I have regained my composure: We have seen it under construction for months but it’s finally opened! Being opened 24hr means it is a prime stop for that late night snack. Pick up some chips, or go all out with that meatball sub, either way Wawa has some of the best food around. Plus this location has seating along the windows so you can watch those without sense stumble down Walnut Street. Plus being on Broad Street means it gets some of the drunk straight guys from the other bars – but just for looking! (and don’t forget the other location at 912 Walnut St). 

So that sums it up, the best places to feed your face after you've been kicked out (of the bars that is). If you can’t go home with hottie, go home with a hoagie! They're almost the same thing…

If you have a place we missed, let us know in the comments below! Which is YOUR goto for that late-night snack?


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