Review: Wonder Woman 1984

The Christmas premier of the much-anticipated Wonder Woman sequel caused the gays to squeal – partially for the outfits, and partial for watching women kick some ass.

But unfortunately, the movie wasn’t all it was hyped up to be.

While Gal Gadot looked amazing in both her Wonder Woman outfits as well as her 80’s style clothes, and Kirsten Wiig’s transformation from a shy nerd to a sex kitten was a powerful divination from her comedy background, it wasn’t enough to keep this movie from falling flat.

We asked our users what they thought, and they didn’t like the movie as much as critics did.

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Rk Ruth
Rk Ruth
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kevin g.
kevin g.@kevinjoseph_x
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Anti Climatic 😟
Erington Moore
Erington Moore@only1erington
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Was really looking forward to it but found it to be …Underwhelming 😟
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It was okay. It didn't advance her storyline at all though.
Jeff Spence
Jeff Spence
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Watched it 2x. Better on the 2nd watch. Wanted more.
Matthew Fiting
Matthew Fiting
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Full of heart and great performances. One of the best DC Movies!

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