Philly should follow Pittsburgh’s example in support of LGBTQ businesses, says advocate

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Pittsburgh is one of many cities proposing legislation bolstering LGBTQ businesses. A contributor to the effort says he thinks Philadelphia could benefit from a similar move.

If the bill passes, Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ business owners would be able to register on the city’s online procurement platform and would gain access to business development and training opportunities.

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce Special Advisor Jonathan Lovitz (who is running for local office), who advocated for the Pittsburgh proposal, argues Philadelphia should follow along similar lines.

"This is happening everywhere. Every single community should have equal access to getting back on their feet. Philadelphia could take pride in being the largest city in getting this done. Philadelphia has a legacy of supporting small, diverse, local businesses. They are the backbone of our community here. However, LGBTQ businesses are not yet included in Philadelphia contracts the way they are statewide."
Jonathan Lovitz
National LGBT Chamber of Commerce Special Advisor

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