BOS Philly kicks off Philly’s first big party!

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

It has been a long year of COVID. Bars have closed, parties have been canceled and vacations have been ruined. BOS Philly, the premier citcuit producers have been dormant all year in compliance with CDC recommendations. But now, with the newest recommendations, Philly is OPENED as of June 11. To celebrate, BOS Philly presents PRIDE!

While the Philly Pride Parade and Festival has been moved to September, June is still National Pride Month, and BOS Philly is ready to party They have teamed up with Concourse Dance Bar, the underground nightclub with the infamous adult ball pit, to produce Philly’s first circuit party since the pandemic. This is the party the city has been waiting for!

DJ K!RK, BOS Philly’s resident DJ, will be spinning all night the hottest circuit tracks of the year. DJ K!RK is a high-energy, professional mobile DJ in the Philadelphia region. With a diverse background in events, he provides an experience playing the best music of all time that spans genres and eras, from the classics to the contemporary.

Photos from past events from BOS Philly

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