The Sarah Palin Show

This past Thursday we were treated to what many people have come to call “The Sarah Palin Show.” I don’t know how many people tuned in to actually watch the debate, as much as see the Governor of Alaska instead of her SNL double! I treated the debate like Class A-entertainment. I dragged the dining table into the living room, had a friend over for dinner then whipped up the most American meal I could think of: steak, potatoes, Caesar salad and cheap, red wine from California.

The Story of the Two-Headed Folk Monster

Have you ever heard the story of the Two-Headed Folk Monster? Does it sound scary? Well, it’s not scary, but maybe you should be scared if you don’t have tickets to The Tin Angel on October 11th to see the dynamic duo Steph Hayes and Adam Brodsky.

New York’s Joe Hickerson

One of one of my favorite DJs, and one of the cutest too is New York’s Joe Hickerson who has been steadily making a name for himself first in NYC and more recently across the US and Canada and will be here at Pure on September 25.

Paying Tribute to Tony Sparacino

Friends and loved ones gathered Friday night at the Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia to honor the late Tony Sparacino. The tribute included the Sapphire Fund’s presentation of the First Annual Tony Sparacino Memorial Scholarship to student John Davenport, and the unveiling of a plague dedicating a procedure room in the Mazzoni Center in Tony’s memory.

James, a 19yo college student

I’m open to broadening my horizons. I don’t cling to labels. It’s just about being open and taking care of yourself.

Steven, age 27

A lot of guys think of the top as the “man” – it’s this whole macho thing. I don’t buy it.

Pop Music Will Never Be Low Brow

In this little space, I’m going to share my music-related thoughts here and there, from the DJ’s perspective. This week is Lady Gaga, Sundae hits the spot, the hood, and my Top Ten

Happy Birthday, Andy Warhol(a), on Your 80th Year!

The father of pop art and celebrity fame, for just being famous, would have been 80 on August 6 but his legend and legacy and his art lives on and on all over the world. There is perhaps no other source, quoted so often than Warhol.