What’s On My Plate: Smokin’ Betty’s

Another tide has rolled in, bringing with it a slew of new barbecue places in Center City itself: Q Tequila and BBQ in the former Philadelphia Fish & Co. space in Old City, Devil’s Alley on Chestnut near Rittenhouse Square, and now Smokin’ Betty’s, the stylish new restaurant right in the Gayborhood itself.

QFest Film Festival Movie Reviews 2009

Our own Jessica Smith reviews some of the great movies from QFest 2009. Plus she will be at the movies reviewing them as the week goes on, so check back often

The Truth about Bisexuals

Question: Bisexuals? What does this have to do with lesbians? Or gays for that matter? The gateway sexual preference? The thing is that homosexuals don’t get to choose, bisexuals do. Thus, did the author of this letter enjoy the taste of semen when she goes down on her girlfriend? Protect yourself. Several times over. The diseases these bisexual men and women pass are large scale.

My Very Own Bisexual Girlfriend

I’ve been dating a girl who’s bisexual for almost two months now. I’m crazy about her, everything’s clicking, and a few days ago, we officially declared ourselves exclusive. Only problem is we haven’t exactly discussed any “ground rules” – if there are any to be made – covering her bisexuality. I know it goes well beyond some experimental phase and that she’ll always be very attracted to women. I’m okay with that and I certainly wouldn’t want to limit her or deprive her of something that she innately desires, and that I could never physically provide for her myself. But at the same time, I’ve never been in a relationship where other people are fair game, and I have no idea how I’d react to such a situation. Part of me says, hey, it’s just chicks, and that’s always hot, and the other says, um, why can’t I be enough? It’s a tough situation to hash out on my own. Care to help a brother out?

The California Supreme Court Did Us a Favor

Of course, most of us are disappointed with the California Supreme Court’s ruling on the Proposition 8 case. Instead, we should be energized, because the California Supreme Court actually did us a favor: It handed the issue of marriage equality back to us so we can educate our fellow Americans.

Come Out Already!

I’m a cute, professional gay man in my late 20s, suddenly single after a two year long relationship. The problem was my boyfriend refused to come out, claiming that he wasn’t gay: that he was straight but just into me. That was fine enough for a long time because I loved him and wanted to be with him, but it became a big problem eventually because I already came out a decade ago and have no interest in hanging around the closet door waiting forever for him to come join me on the outside. I also let it slide because he’s Arab and wanted to respect the cultural differences but it wore on me and eventually I had to give him an ultimatum: be real about our relationship or split. We know how that conversation turned out. Was I wrong? Should I have been more understanding? I miss him and am horny as all get out but the random hook up scene is not making me feel any better.

Memorial Day Weekend Tourneys: Softball, Swimming and Soccer

Fifty teams. Three sports. One weekend. This Memorial Day weekend 2009, the City of Brotherly Love Softball League will host the Liberty Bell Classic; the Falcons Soccer Club will host [yes, another] Liberty Bell Classic tournament; and the Fins Aquatics Club will host Come Out and Swim, its 9th international swim meet.

Deborah Cox hit the stage at the One Big F&%$in Deck Party

This past Sunday saw Twisted Life kick off the summer party season with “One Big F&%$in Deck Party” presented by Twisted Life and hosted by Gage Kris. In case you weren’t there, I’ve compiled a handy listicle of some of the highlights.

The Queen of Philly Nightlife – Natasha Hulme

If you have been out in the Philadelphia gay nightlife scene, you know Natasha Hulme. She has been bartending and hosting fabulous events for years, and she has some of the best stories that you will ever hear about Philadelphia nightlife.

My Take on the Philadelphia Primary Election

The contests for District Attorney and City Controller are the headline races this time around, and there are also elections for Common Pleas and Municipal Court judges. There are mere days left before the May 19 primary, but that’s still enough time to bring yourself up to speed on what’s at stake.


Brought to you by the charmingly off-hinge imaginations of some of Philly’s Dumpsta Players and featuring work by local artists, Regeneration presents re-imaginings and re-purposed inventions from illustrative typography to ornate wig art.

When the hubby gets a little chubby?

“I can’t do it anymore: have sex with my partner, that is. When we first got together 8 years ago he wasn’t a health nut or anything, but he was normal weight and very attractive to me. A few years into dating, he started to let himself go: eating too much and never getting any exercise. Three years ago when it became legal here in New Jersey, we had a civil union and since we’ve been married he’s gained probably another 50 pounds. Not only am I not attracted to him anymore but the sex has gone downhill too. He can’t get erections as easily, they don’t stay hard and he’s lazy about how we do it. It’s just not worth it to me anymore. I refuse to fake interest. If he doesn’t care about his appearance, what else can I do?”