Latin Night at Woody’s

“I love to bailar” is my Latina spitfire sister’s go-to party mantra. And she would feel right at home at Woody’s Latin Night, not just because she’d be partying with her big hermano, but because this weekly Thursday extravaganza boasts one of the loudest, sweatiest, and hip-swaying-est dance parties around.

The Fins Swimteam’s Annual Fund Raiser

“The event blends three main aspects of the Fins: swimming, social, and community service.” True dat. I joined the team just a year ago, and it was instant love. I can now run around a speedo in the middle of winter without blasting my heat up or freaking out my cats.

Carl, age 29

Being positive taught me to just let it all go and become who I really am. I had to accept myself before anyone else would. Now I’m in a pretty good place.

Going Down Dilemma

I’m a bisexual woman and I’ve been with my girlfriend for three months. I love her and everything, problem is I don’t love going down on her. She thinks it’s emotional distance, but I really don’t like the way she tastes. She has great hygiene, so that isn’t the problem. How do I tell her without her getting offended?

Size Queen at Bump Thursday, 1/15

My second stop on the Thursday Night express also happened to fall on the very night of chic chick Cyoni’s birthday extravaganza. Bearing in mind both the general upper-crust atmosphere of Bump and the sartorial responsibility inherent in attending such a glossy occasion, I switched out my usual ratty jeans/second-hand tee uniform to attend the soiree in a subtly-hued stretch button-down paired with charcoal grey slacks and honest-to-gawd dress shoes.

Hope Returns in 2009

We have seen an African-American man become elected into Office. Yet besides this revolutionary fact and far more importantly we now have won a president promising something novel: hope, peace and a return to those ideals that made America the Union it is today.

Interview with Comedian Nick Tarr

When the Southeast PA gay potluck group the Chester Country Brunch Bunch announced their 20th Anniversary Celebration, which will be happening in West Chester , PA on January 31, they announced that they hired the seasoned stand-up comic Nick Tarr to perform at it.

Brothers in Spirit and Mind

Black is not only beautiful, it’s also brilliant. But that’s not the message many educated, intelligent black men hear from the popular media. Just ask Gregory Walker, a cultural and civic activist who lives in Washington Square West.

The Drag Show at Bob & Barbara’s

Ever the intrepid busybody and accomplished drinking buddy, I’ve made it my mission to investigate Philly’s Thursday Night lineup, and report back to you the what where when and how much of the evening’s offerings. I do this in humble service to the community, and not because I like to go out and get hosed on weeknights.


Is Ex-Sex right for you?

My ex and I split up about 2 and a half months ago after a year and a half of being together. We broke up because he wasn’t taking our relationship seriously enough for me, canceling plans at the last minute and not being attentive. He is only the third person I’ve ever slept with. I know he’s seeing a couple people casually now but I haven’t been seeing anyone and I’m getting lonely. The last couple times I went out to the bars I really wanted to call him and see if he wanted to just hook up. My friends have talked me out of it, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea because I know it’ll be good and I feel safe with him and it’ll keep me satisfied until I find someone new. Who’s right?”

Justin, age 27

The truth is, I’m okay with messing with guys but I am not okay with being judged.

Coming OUT of the Closet in 2009

So from what I hear many are expecting much from 2009, whether it’s love, endeavors, or my favorite, FASHION! Word on the street is that many, notably both young and old, are coming OUT the closet now more than ever. Whether this statement is gossip or not, you can answer this hypothesis by simply glancing at your surroundings