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How many times have you heard "So, what's going on tonight?" It seems to be the Friday evening mantra for people everywhere. There is always so much going on, but it's always so hard to find out what to do. You can go to all the bars to see what's going on, or flip through the dozens of handbills you picked up the weekend before, and still miss things. Now you don't need to. Everything is in one central location - One Big Calendar!

Another phrase that we too often hear is "I'm sick of the gay scene," when what they really mean to say is they are sick of the bar scene. There are so many non-bar events in Philadelphia, you just have to know where to look. This is the place! Everything from wild nights out clubbing, to quiet evenings playing scrabble, to brisk hikes through nature -- the gay scene is bigger than you might think!


For this site to work best, we rely on you! There are so many events for so many different types of people out there, it's hard to keep track of them all. This is where you come in. If you hear of an event that others in the gay community might be interested in, then post it! Find a new gay store - list it here. Want to advertise the school dance your LGBT group is throwing - this is the place! It's great (and free) advertising for you, and it helps others find out "what's going on tonight!"

Thanks for using the Philly Gay Calendar

Steve McCann


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