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Calendar Model: Anthony

Anthony is a 20yo Aries originally from Bucks County, PA. Anthony has lived in North Philadelphia for 6 months and works as a Bartender

Photos by: Suite BE Photography

I enjoy most things that are active and hands on, including exercise, excessive eating, and discovering (may it be new places, food, activities, etc.).

Favorite Music:


Favorite Restaurant:
Hard Rock Cafe, Moriarty's, and Capital Grille

Favorite Gay Hangout:
Boxers Sports Bar and 12th Street Gym

Favorite Straight Hangout:

Best part of Philly:
The seemingly endless restaurants, events, and activities

Ideal First Date:
My ideal first date gives as strong of an impression of the real me as possible, while also understanding who Iím with. It's not about where we go or what we do, but making a mark on one another so that even if there isnít a second date, the first will not be forgotten.

Regardless, a first date should include eating of some kind. Whether it be before a movie, while we are walking around discovering the city, or after go carts and mini golf.

What is Anthony looking for in a partner?
I tend to connect well with those who share similar interests as I do, such as frequent eating, living in the moment, and enjoy an active lifestyle. A relationship where Iím pushed to grow as a person while exploring new aspects of life is a plus. There are no set physical or mental attributes I look for in someone else, but instead a connection is determined off a feeling when with that person.
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