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Calendar Model: Sean & Garrett

Sean & Garrett is a 25 and 29yo Leo/Pisces originally from Germany & NYC. Sean & Garrett has lived in South Philly for 7 & 11 years and works as a Aerial Dance Instructor & Stylist

Photos by: Alexander John

Anything outdoors that we can bring to pups to. We are always looking for a new adventure. Home renovation, dance, crafting

Favorite Music:
Sia will always have my heart. Secdaliza, Purity Ring & Banks have been my gym playlist this past month. Ariana grande, Beyoncé, Frank Sinatra

Grew up running X-Country, Track & Field and Swimming but currently Aerial Acrobatics have fully peeked my interests. Huge fan of anything and everything Olympics.

Favorite Restaurant:
Garrett likes The Living Room Cafe, it's close to work, farm to table, and they will make just about anything for you, while Sean prefers cooking dinner at home

Favorite Gay Hangout:
Fan of the Bike Stop and Philly AIDS Thrift. Metro Men's Clothing, Nutz and Boltz

Favorite Straight Hangout:
Lowe's garden center

Best part of Philly:
The Wissahickon Trails! Being able to bike everywhere

Ideal First Date:
Packing a lunch and going hiking for the day. Grilling in the backyard, eating at home and a nice long bath

What is Sean & Garrett looking for in a partner?
Sean: I have always wanted someone who is both loyal, venerable and artistically passionate. Being with someone who is able to feed my creativity with their own and also put me in my place when needed is so sexy to me. I do not go for a particular body type, I just want the person I am with to value their health as much as I do. We only get one body.

Garrett:Creativity, motivation, sense of humor and a great body doesn't hurt
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