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Calendar Model: Vaughn

Vaughn is a 18yo Aries originally from Westford, MA. Vaughn has lived in North Philly for Since August 2005 and works as a Temple University student majoring in International Business Accounting. In my spare time I volunteer for the American Red Cross.

Mike LaMonaca

I enjoy snowboarding in the winter and swimming in the summer. I teach swimming lessons as a certified Water Safety Instructor. I also lifeguard. I enjoy speaking different languages - I took Spanish, French and German.

Favorite Music:
Emma Bunton, I love that bitch. Other bands that I listen to are Bond (Classical Techno), t.A.T.u (Dance/Alternative), Lindsay Lohan (Pop)/Britney Spears (Pop), Don Omar (Reggaeton). Basically every genre except Jazz and Country.

Is shopping a sport? I like snowboarding or snowtubing. Swimming is another one of my favorites. I go to the gym at least 2x a week if not more; so working out if you consider that a sport.

Favorite Restaurant:
Cosi on 12th Street. I recommend the Italiano with the Strawberry Smoothie. By far the greatest thing made at Cosi's. Best fast food place is D² or Dunkin Donuts to many. I personally enjoy a LG Iced Mocha Latte with no whip cream, extra sugar and whole milk instead of skim. Try it. I'm sure you'll like it as much as I do.

Favorite Gay Hangout:
12th Air Command

Favorite Straight Hangout:
The Gallery

Best part of Philly:
All of Philadelphia is pretty good, but I prefer the Gayborhood and the shops in the surrounding streets. I like people watching and the best place to do that is definitely by taking SEPTA and observing the people that take it.

Ideal First Date:
My first dates aren't like most. A date is getting to know someone on a personal level, so ideally I would like to hang out with that person for the WHOLE day. You can do a lot in a day like errands, meet your friends, their friends, know their likes and dislikes, whether they're the kind of person that's ALWAYS on the phone or not. Stuff along those lines.

What is Vaughn looking for in a partner?
Someone that can listen as well as talk. I'm a very social person, that doesn't mean that they have to be social too, but they should be able to at least hold a conversation that goes past "you're cute". They should have a goal they're trying to achieve or something in mind. I want someone that is not going to sit at home and just watch TV all day. They have to be a little more productive, even if it means just doing stuff like cleaning the house... (Hint Hint). Stat's wise they can be any race. Height doesn't matter to me unless you're at my knees, but as for being shorter or taller than me it doesn't really bother me. Weight wise, I like them a little chunky but not over doing it to the extreme that they wear XXXL clothing. That's too much love for even me to handle. They have to be considerate of not only my feelings and my opinions but others as well. I also don't want a guy that can't think for himself either...Iím not really good at telling people what to think or say.... which means I wouldn't be good at being a dominatrix if I tried. I guess I could add that they should have a sense of humor, but one person's sense of humor it not necessarily everyone's sense of humor.
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