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Calendar Model: Jason

Jason is a 26yo Gemini originally from Bristol. Jason has lived in Aston, PA for All my life! and works as a Receptionist/Personal Assistant

Mike LaMonaca

Pop culture, dining out, movies, dancing, exploring the city

Favorite Music:
Pop, R&B, and Hiphop, but really anything with a good dancing beat!!!

Love playing tennis, though no one else does

Favorite Restaurant:

Favorite Gay Hangout:

Favorite Straight Hangout:
Li'Joana Skin & Body Clinic

Best part of Philly:
Philly's food is the best.

Ideal First Date:
I really have no idea, some of my best first dates where completely random and last minute.

What is Jason looking for in a partner?
A 'Charlotte', someone who is loving and caring, someone that is not afraid to love and be loved. Someone loyal and faithful.
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