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Calendar Model: Luke & Brian

Luke & Brian is a Luke is 24, Brian is 25yo Luke is a Virgo, Brian is a Pisces originally from Philadelphia area. Luke & Brian has lived in Manayunk for Eight months in Manayunk, but lived in the area all our lives. and works as a Luke is a graduate student studying psychology. Brian is in marketing.

Mike LaMonaca

We love working on the car, and also love being on the water on the wave runner

Favorite Music:
Alternative, some rap, some club

Luke plays hockey

Favorite Restaurant:
Outback, Scoogies

Favorite Gay Hangout:
Woody's, 12th Air, and Shampoo

Favorite Straight Hangout:
Main Street in Manayunk

Best part of Philly:
Philadelphia has a GREAT gay scene, it's so open and inviting.

Ideal First Date:
We had a crazy first date. We went to dinner and then to a party. We pretty much spent the night making out in the corner of the party. We were drunk, so we crashed at the house of a friend whose parents didn't know he was gay. That was over two years ago and we have been together ever since.

What is Luke & Brian looking for in a partner?
Brian loves how thoughtful Luke is. Luke thinks Brian is very appreciative of him. The both feel that they are the only ones that can stand each other.
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