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Calendar Model: Kevin

Kevin is a 29yo Taurus originally from Saigon. Kevin has lived in West Norriton, PA for 5 years and works as a Research Engineer

Mike LaMonaca

Spending quality time with friends and family.

Favorite Music:
Soft Rock, or hard house - I go from one extreme to the next

I used to play volleyball and soccer.

Favorite Restaurant:
I love oriental food. I don't have a favorite restaurant, but any good Asian food.

Favorite Gay Hangout:
I like Bump.

Favorite Straight Hangout:
South Philly

Best part of Philly:
Philadelphia has a decent sized gay population. Plus it has a great skyline. I love watching the skyline while driving into the city on the Schuylkill, especially at night. It's a beautiful city when you look at it.

Ideal First Date:
I'm a pretty simple guy. What's important is how I connect with a person, not so much what we do. Ideally it's just a plain simple dinner with great conversation.

What is Kevin looking for in a partner?
If I have to describe him in a couple words it would be very difficult. Someone who is easy going, who doesn't give me shit over stupid little things. I hate drama and arguments. I hate confrontation. I want someone who knows how to pick the right moment to talk to me about issues and not get loud with me.
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