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Calendar Model: Anthony

Anthony is a 20yo Cancer originally from Blackwood, NJ. Anthony has lived in Camden, NJ for 18 Years and works as a Student / Server at Lucky Strike Lanes

Mike LaMonaca

Running, working out, beach, movies, and reading

Favorite Music:
British Pop

Cross Country, Track, Lacrosse, and Swimming

Favorite Restaurant:
Continental Midtown

Favorite Gay Hangout:

Favorite Straight Hangout:
My Best Friend Sandy's Apartment

Best part of Philly:
Philly has a little bit of everything. You have museums, theatre, clubs, bars, restaurants... Philly is an amazing city. Not as high energy packed at NYC but thats what makes Philadelphia so special.

Ideal First Date:
My ideal first date is most likely going out to dinner and talking. Getting to know one another is one of the best ways to know if you are compatiable with the other party. After the dinner a nice walk around town together is something special and cute.

What is Anthony looking for in a partner?
What i am looking for in a partner would just have to be someone that i can relate to. Someone who can understand the hardships that i have had to accomplish to get to this point in my life. Someone the is cute wouldnt hurt either. But i dont look at looks first. I like someone who has a great personality and someone that easy to have fun with and get along and someone that i can see myself with for a while... I guess you can consider me kind of an old fashion guy.
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