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Calendar Model: Anh

Anh is a 31yo Virgo originally from Lancaster, PA. Anh has lived in Washington Square West for 1 year and works as a Vaccine Scientist

Mike LaMonaca

Graphic Design, Blogging, Urban Legends

Favorite Music:
I'm a due-paying member of Mariah Carey's Honey B. Fly Official Fan Club. When I can't take anymore Mariah, I switch over to Vietnamese musicals which also feature octave-jumping divas.

I'm going to the Chicago Gay Games this summer to compete in soccer and to run my 8th marathon. I'm on the Steering Committee of Team Philadelphia which is the umbrella group representing various gay and lesbian sports teams and individual athletes in the Delaware Valley.I run with and help organize social events for the Frontrunners Philadelphia. I'm also affiliated with the Falcon Soccer Club and the FINS Aquatics Club.

Favorite Restaurant:
Top Tomato

Favorite Gay Hangout:
Village House Coffee Shop

Favorite Straight Hangout:
Kelly Drive

Best part of Philly:
Everything is within walking distance, so I got rid of my car when I moved into the city last summer.

Ideal First Date:
I'm a loud eater and I always get food stuck between my teeth, so I try to avoid dinner dates. I'd prefer window shopping which is a fantastic opportunity to find out one's taste.

What is Anh looking for in a partner?
My man should be educated, athletic, and fabulous! I want to be with someone who can inspire me to be smarter, stronger, and a better person. Most importantly, my man should be openly gay and be involved with the gay community.
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