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Calendar Model: Mikey

Mikey is a 25yo Aries originally from Orofino, Idaho. Mikey has lived in Wilmington, DE for In Philly almost every weekend and works as a Paper pusher at the Dept. of Corrections and Part Time in the armed services

Mike LaMonaca

History, cooking, mixing drinks and men

Favorite Music:
Classic Rock

Running, beach volleyball, baseball and beer pong

Favorite Restaurant:
The Columbus Inn

Favorite Gay Hangout:
Don't have a favorite, any place where my friends are.

Favorite Straight Hangout:
Dead Presidents and Iron Hill in Wilmington

Best part of Philly:
The people of the city. I love to sit outside and watch the many different people. Philly is so diverse and has much more energy tan Wilmington will ever have to offer.

Ideal First Date:
Something spontaneous - Don't bore me!

What is Mikey looking for in a partner?
Sorry boys I'm taken!
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