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Calendar Model: Blue Ball 2007

Blue Ball 2007 is a 16 yearsyo originally from Philadelphia, PA. Blue Ball 2007 has lived in Philadelphia, PA for 16 years and works as a philanthropic Social Events

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Supporting local LGBT and HIV organizations as a major funder raiser.

Favorite Music:
Leading the charge at Blue Ball will be legendary dance aficionado ROLAND BELMARES, with rising local talent ZATHAN spinning in the upstairs lounge. BILLY CARROLL returns to the helm to drive COBALT into the early morning. Then let CARL MICHAELS “RELEASE” you as he winds down the weekend with Blue Ball’s newest addition to the weekend, the Sunday Tea Dance.

Stand up and Salute for Basic Traning

Favorite Restaurant:

Favorite Gay Hangout:
The main event - BASIC TRAINING will be held at the Troc

Favorite Straight Hangout:

Best part of Philly:
Thousands of men and women from across the country will decend onto Philadelphia for this event.

Ideal First Date:
Whether you come with your partner or meet some new friends at the event, Blue Ball is party you won't soon forget.

What is Blue Ball 2007 looking for in a partner?
Tall, short, young and from all over the country will be here for the event

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