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Calendar Model: Bethany

Bethany is a 24yo Aquarias originally from Grand Rapids, MI. Bethany has lived in Overbrook, PA for I moved here from Europe just over a year ago. and works as a Nanny.Pole fitness instructor. Promotions. Philanthropist.

Karen Cornell

Skareoke. The Arts. Adventure.

Favorite Music:
Anywhere from folk to big band to eclectic to hiphop/rap. From emo, lounge to techno to drum and base.

Volleyball, tennis, pole vaulting, squash, pole dancing, ran 2009 NYC marathon.

Favorite Restaurant:
Buddakan. I love a good wine and dine. Though not opposed to a sidestreet falafel.

Favorite Gay Hangout: dance. dance.

Favorite Straight Hangout:
I love catching under the radar bands at the Theatre of Living Arts.

Best part of Philly:
There's actually roads of small blocks of wood. Phenomenal

Ideal First Date:
Bowling with some food and drinks. Then we'll take our rotund bellies for a walk around the beautiful city and window shoppe. I'm not afraid of conversation, though not afraid of silence either.

What is Bethany looking for in a partner?
Chemistry. Charisma. Humour. Balance. Self motivated. Growth Inspired.I'm looking for a co-pilot.
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