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Calendar Model: Tara

Tara is a 22yo Aquarius originally from West Chester, Pa. Tara has lived in Center City, Philadelphia for 2 years and works as a Photography Student, and Freelance Photographer

Karen Cornell

photography, singing, music, chocolate, hanging with my friends

Favorite Music:
Everything! Really...Everything!

Basketball (college), and Football (Tennessee!!)

Favorite Restaurant:
The Continental, MidTown

Favorite Gay Hangout:
Stimulus & Authentic Parties!!!!!

Favorite Straight Hangout:
Cuba Libre (Mojitos!!!)

Best part of Philly:
It's flamboyance, and friendly swag - how everyone learns to know everyone else.

Ideal First Date:
Going to a romantic dinner somewhere, talking and getting to really know each other and then going and dancing all night long!

What is Tara looking for in a partner?
I look for respect, and maturity. I want to feel safe and know that I can trust them wholeheartedly. I look for someone who can get down with my friends, and fall in love with every part of who I am.
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